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Hindu holiday of fools is Holi – Hindu Festival Holi is Equivalent to April Fool’s Day For The Huffington Post

The Hindu holiday of fools is Holi – this is what Donna Henes, Urban shaman, eco-ceremonialist and ritual expert, writes in The Huffington Post in an article on the April Fool’s Day. There is fun and madness attached to Holi but equating with April Fool’s Day is not correct. Both of them cannot be compared. A popular festival associated with a religion has different dimensions. When it is introduced to people who are not much aware of the religion as Holiday of fools it has far reaching consequences.
Her knowledge of Hindu Festival Holi is thisThe Hindu holiday of fools is Holi, celebrated as a high-spirited fire festival, which proclaims the death of winter and the onset of spring fever. For five days there is utter relaxation of the accepted rules of behavior. Lewdness prevails. People spray each other in the streets with powdered color pigments. There is a ribald shift in the normal relations among the castes and between the sexes, which often degenerates into mudslinging and public…

Computerized Draw for Selection of Kailash Manasarovar Yatra 2010 by Foreign Ministry India Completed

The ministry of foreign affairs in India had invited applications for Kailash Manasarovar Yatra 2010 in January 2010. The Yatris for the journey are selected through a computerized draw and this took place on March 31, 2010. Here are the details about the Computerize draw published by the ministry of external affairs in IndiaExternal Affairs Minister Shri S. M. Krishna presided over the computerised draw for selection of Yatris for the Kailash Manasarovar Yatra, 2010 on March 31, 2010. The Yatra is scheduled to begin on June 1, 2010.

Words of Wisdom – Swami Ranganathananda

Never will you find any stress on weakness in Vedanta. Always abhih, abhih, abhih. Abhih means fearless; be fearless, be fearless.
Vedanta presents human evolution as spiritual growth… When this philosophy becomes universally known and applied, we can speak in hopeful terms about the future of mankind.
Culture has a wave-like motion, going down and again coming up.
Worldliness is the negation of spiritual awareness. The animal bodies are meant for mere sense-experience; they have no experience of the subject. The world of objects comprises their sphere of awareness and of pleasure and pain. It is only in the human body that subjective awareness emerges, the awareness of self as different form the non-self.
Swami Ranganathananda