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Book: Sacred Animals of India – Nanditha Krishna

The veneration of animals is an important aspect of Hindu culture and the book titled ‘Sacred Animals of India’ by Nanditha Krishna explores this unique characteristic of Hinduism. Apart from the religious aspects, the book also examines the various traditions, tribes and communities that protect certain unique animals in India and also gives a reminder about the role of animal species in the earth’s biodiversity.Apart from the Hindu tradition, the book also mentions about the animals worshipped in Buddhism and Jainism. From the Flyer of the BookBelief in the sanctity of animals originated from ideas of karma and the transmigration of souls — thus an ant or a tiger could be one’s past or future identity.

Sacred Animals of India draws on the ancient religious traditions of India—Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism—to explore the customs and practices that engendered the veneration of animals in India.

Animals are worshipped in India as deities, as, for instance, the elephant-god Ganesha and t…

Holika Ropan

Holika Ropan is a unique ritual observed in North India on the Purnima or full moon day in the Magh month. Holika Ropan 2018 date is January 31. This particular ritual observed on Maghi Poornima day is of significance to certain Hindu communities in North India.

It is a ritual associated with Holi festival. The day kick starts the preparation for the Holi festival for certain communities. The Ropan ritual is thus of great importance to those people who observe Holi festival traditionally. The ritual is ignored in western parts of India.

Holika Dahan takes place on the next Purnima day of full moon day, which is the Phalgun Poornima.

Shri Ram Charan Maharaj Jayanti – Ram Snehi

Sri Ram Charan Maharaj is an 18th century saint who found the religious tradition Ram Snehi Sampradaya. Shri Ram Charan Maharaj Jayanti 2011 date is February 17. He inspired his devotees to follow the transcendent Bhakti way and asked them to shun all sorts of hypocrisy and showy rituals. Shri Ram Charan Maharaj Jayanti marks the birth anniversary of this pious soul. Shri Ram Charan Maharaj was born on the Chaturdasi day during the Shukla Paksha in Magh month in Rajasthan. Shri Ram Charan Maharaj was inclined towards spiritualism from childhood. But he followed the wishes of his parents and started a family life. But the death of his father and numerous dreams that he saw thereafter kindled the spirit of inquiry in him. He took permission from his family and went in search of a Guru. He found his Guru in Kripa Ram Maharaj. After getting initiated by his Guru, Shri Ram Charan Maharaj is believed to have performed numerous miracles to prove that rituals are veil that hide truth from huma…

Mysore Kumbha Mela – Tirumakudlu Narsipur or T Narasipura Kumba Mela

The Kumba Mela at Tirumakudlu Narsipur in Mysore in Karnataka is held once in three years and it attracts by thousands of people. Tirumakudlu Narsipur Kumbha Mela. T. Narsipura is located at the confluence of the KaveriRiver, KabiniRiver and Spatika Sarovar (a hidden mythical lake, also known as Gupta Gamini). The Kumbha Mela is held here as it strikes close resemblance to Prayag or Sangam where Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati rivers meet.
Thousands of saints and Hindu devotees take holy dip at the confluence of Kaveri, Kabini and Spatika Sarovar during the auspicious period. People organizing the Kumbha Mela claims that the Mela in 2010 is Poorna Kumba Mela and the Mahodaya Punya Snan will be held in Meena Lagna.
The confluence of the three rivers and the name of the area are mentioned in the Skanda Purana. Some scholars are of the view that Sage Agasthya had visualized the spot as Dakshina Kashi. The region is also home to numerous ShivaTemples and a LordNarasimhaTemple.
Tirumakudlu N…

Swami Sukhabodhananda Words of Inspiration

Life has all the ingredients. Be creative. Don't let yourself feel victimized. You might think that what is easy is beautiful; that what is easy is joy. You are a victim of such illusions. Difficulty has such a joy. Discovery has such a joy. Seeking out has such a joy.

You have to change the notion that difficulty is pain. In exercise, there is difficulty but also joy. In sports, there is difficulty but there is joy. In your relationships, when there is difficulty, treat it as joy. Just reprogram your mind.
On PrayerIn prayer you don't have to do anything; just be available to God's grace. Prayer is a deep readiness to receive God's flow. It is passive alertness. Go deep and you discover your original mind... it is deep passiveness.Swami Sukhabodhananda