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First Chinese Sanskrit Pop Singer

Sa Dingding, who won the BBC Radio 3 Award for World Music in the Asia Pacific category in 2008, is being promoted as the first Chinese Sanskrit Pop Singer by China's official media. She is being promoted by the provincial government of Tibet and if she garners enough attention she might sing at the inauguration of the May 2010 Shanghai World Expo, which is expected to draw the top business firms. Sa Dingding’s profile in China Tibet Online She is the first pop singer who sings in Sanskrit. She is also famous for her ethnic clothes and Tibetan Buddhist style of music.

Although she is famous for her ethnic characteristics clothing and Tibetan Buddhist music, she is not a Tibetan girl. Her parents' ancestral home is Shandong province and her grandmother's ancestral home is Inner Mongolia.Only people who can endure loneliness can be successful. As a musician, she dropped fame and learned Sanskrit by herself. She visited all the Chinese cultural sites to find inspiration and to…

Dadaji Amiya Roy Chowdhary Inspirational Thoughts

An individual can at best put in effort, regardless of the result. Work is one’s own dharma. Work itself is sacrifice. Work is penance. God is there, ready to hold your hand and walk with you. So do not worry or be afraid. We are here to enjoy His Play, remember Him with love and remain in the natural state. Duty is the first thing. Duty is karma or work. Perform your actions with sincerity and honesty. You must act. There is no knowledge without karma . You are seeing, hearing, eating something... all this is karma , and this karma is knowledge. Work is worship when the sole frame of reference is the Soul, the vibrant Mahanam, God’s Name within your heart. Every bit of work is worship. But the moment any kind of work grips your consciousness as the one thing indispensable and it stems the tide of your life, it is invested with multiple nuances and drives your ego. It lacks spirituality. In the body of a person resides Govinda or Supreme Truth, so the body is to be treated as His temp…