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Why do we Hindus walk around the deity in a temple?

After offering initial prayers to the deity in a temple, Hindus walk around the deity. This is to receive the positive vibrations that are present in the deity. In most temples the deity is installed in the temple in such a spot and using such metals that it emits magnetic waves. This positive vibrations influence the devotee.Hindus move around the deity in clockwise direction. In this form, the devotee is moving along the magnetic field and thus benefits from positive vibrations are received. One never completes the complete circle of walk in a Lord Shiva. The devotee starts to walk in clockwise direction and stops at the line where the offering of milk and water flows from the sanctum sanctorum. Thus only 3 quarter is completed. A devotee returns and completes the rest of the quarter in anticlockwise direction. The popular belief is that in Shiva temples the vibrations are present in clockwise and anticlockwise. You can read more on the same subject in this article – Importance of P…

Unofficial United States Postage Stamps on Hindu Gods – Stirs Debate

An Atlanta-based company has issued seven postage stamps carrying images of Sri Krishna, Shiva-Parvati, Sai Baba, Muruga, Lord Venkateswara, Ganesha and Lakshmi. The company claims that they can be used as valid US postage stamps and are priced at 44 cents each, can also be bought on a commemorative sheet priced at $18.99. But the stamps do not find any mention in the official US Postal Service (USPS) catalog.Customized US Postage Stamps
There is nothing new in the whole project. USPS allows people to customize stamps – print stamps with photos and images that you like as long as it is not copyrighted but after making the relevant payment to USPS. (You can find more details of customized postage service of USPS here at the official website of United States Postal Service.)
The US-based company is just making use of this feature of (USPS) for business purpose. They have also the option for you to print your own picture on US stamps.
You pay for the printing cost to the company and if you …

Maghi Wari at Pandarpur Vithal Temple - Yatra in Magh month

Maghi Wari is observed at PandarpurVithalTemple on the Shukla Paksha Ekadasi day in Magh month (January - February) at PandharpurVithalTemple. Maghi Wari 2018 date at PandarpurVithalTemple is January 28. Hundreds of people visit the PandarpurVithalTemple on the day and the festival is a very minor version of the famous Ashadi Wari Pandarpur Yatra.

Ekadasi (11th day) falling during the Magh Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) is considered auspicious at the Pandarpur temple. No major palki processions are held on the day. But hundreds of Lord Vithal devotees converge at the temple to worship Vithal and Rukmini.

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Bhakt Pundalik Utsav Pandarpur

Bhakt Pundalik Utsav is observed on a day before Maghi Shukla Paksha Ekadasi at the PandarpurVithalTemple at Pandharpur in Maharashtra. Bhakt Pundalik Utsav 2018 date is January 27. The day is dedicated to Bhakt Pundalik, whose devotion for his parents brought Lord Vishnu to his door steps.

There are numerous stories that narrate miracles that have happened in the life of Bhakt Pundalik. And all the miracles were with the blessings of Lord Vithal.

Bhakt Pundalik Utsav is observed on the Dasami (tenth day) during the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) in Magh month (January – February).

The day is observed with great enthusiasm and thousands of people pay their respect to Bhakt Pundalik by listening and narrating his stories.

The Maghi Wari at Pandarpur is observed on the next day.