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Hitopadesha Quotes

A pot is gradually filled with water, as water falls into it, drop by drop. This is the way to gain all kinds of knowledge, virtue and money.
Education (knowledge) imparts modesty. And from modesty one gains a good position. From a good position, on earns money, and from money one can execute righteous deeds. From such deeds, one gets happiness.
Wealth reaches the lion among men, who engages himself in an occupation. Only cowards talk of divine help. Forget divine help and work with confidence. Even then if you do not achieve results, what is your fault?
Thousands of occasions of sorrow, and hundreds of occasions of fear, day by day attack the fool, not the sage.
As life is dear to one’s self, so also are those of all beings. On account of the resemblance to themselves, the good exercise compassion towards all living beings.

Those who have worldly desires suffer from restlessness even in the solitude of the forest. Those who have disciplined their senses, they practice austerities ev…