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Lord Ram on Ahankara in Yoga Vasishta

I am much terrified by the enemy of the illusory and harmful Ahankara (I-am-ness or egoism) which is generated through delusion and permeates me all throughout. It is only through Ahankara that all the mental cares, dangers and the ever-increasing actions of life arise. There is no enemy greater than he. Having associated with this enemy of mine for a long time, I am now in an agitated state of mind I do not taste food with water. Why need I speak about (other) enjoyments? All our daily ceremonies, yajnas (sacrifices), the enjoyables and others associated, as they are, with Ahankara are merely unreal. Therefore the real secret lies only in the renunciation of this Ahankara. So long as this Ahankara be-clouds us, so long will the flowers of desires bloom and increase in us. Though I have given up all Karmas (actions) in order to free myself from Ahankara, yet my pains have not ceased, not having cognized my own Self. Mayest thou, Oh Rishi, be pleased to bless me in order that I may lib…