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Tree Saplings as Prasad after Lord Ram Worship to Protect Environment

NGO Raunak Evam Jagruk Samaj Sanstha (REJSS) in Sonbhadra District conducts Ramayan reading and worship of Lord Ram and as Prasad they distribute tree saplings to devotees to protect the environment and fight against global warming and climate change. Prasad is received by Hindus after the prayers and rituals and is considered holy as it has been blessed by the God. The usual Prasad comprises of fruits, sweets, panchaamrit (made from curd, milk and dry fruits.)Times of India reports about this unique effort to protect environment by Hindus"You can say it's our religious formula to protect the environment and fight against global warming. Planting trees is something simple everyone can do to reduce carbon dioxide, a principal greenhouse gas that causes global warming," REJSS director Arvind Singh Chattan told IANS on phone from Sonbhadra.

"You know the importance of prasad amongst Hindus, who traditionally accept it after prayers as they believe the prasad has been bl…