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Sri Purandara Dasa Punyadina - Purandara Dasa Aradhane

Sri Purandara Dasa (1480 A.D to 1564 A.D) was one of the most prominent Carnatic musicians and his compositions mostly in Kannada addressed several social issues of his time. Sri Purandara Dasa Punyadina in 2018 is on January 17. Scholars are of the opinion that Purandara Dasa systematized the method of teaching Carnatic music which is followed to the present day. Some people believe that he is an incarnation of Saint Narada. It is observed on Paush Amavasya Tithi.

Legend has it that Puranadara Dasa started his life as a gold merchant. But when he was 40 years old, ‘Lobha’ gave place to ‘Vairagya’, his ‘love of Gold’ turned as ‘love of God’ and became ‘Haridasa.’

He then came and settled in Vijayanagar Empire and started composition on Devaranama in Kannada. During his period he became very famous and Sri Krishnadevaraya, the King of Vijayanagar, invited him to his palace and built a Japashala for Purandaradasaru, near Chakrathirtha, now popularly called as ‘Purandara Mantapa’ in Ham…

Virtual Tour of Guha Ganapathi – Small Cave Shrine of Ganesh in Kudajadri Hills

Kudajadri Hills is located around 22 km from MookambikaTemple in Karnataka. The spot is famous for the Sarvajna Peetha which is reached by a two km trek. On the way to Sarvanjna Peedam there is a Cave with a Ganesh idol popularly known as Guha Ganapathi. This Virtual Tour of Guha Ganapati is created by Leen Thobias of You can have a 360 degree view of the GaneshaCave and its natural surroundings.Click on the image for the virtual tour
In this virtual tour you will see 360 degree view of MookambikaTemple, Kodajadri Sarvajna Peedam, GanapathyCaveTemple and SouparnikaRiver. The first image you will see is that of Mookambika Temple, the blog had written about this virtual tour earlier. These recent photos of Kudajadri Sarvajna Peetha and other holy sites are an update.

Prasanna Lakshmi – Goddess Prasanna Lakshmi

Prasanna Lakshmi is one among the eight forms of Goddess Mahlakshmi mentioned in the Hindu scripture Laxmi Tantram. In this form Goddess Lakshmi is in white colored clothes and appears on the left side of Lord Vishnu. She is four armed and has beejapuram kanak, kalash and padmam or lotus in her hands.
The shlokam dedicated to Prasanna Lakshmi in Lakshmi Tantra reads like this Vande Laksmim parshivamayeem shuddhajambundabham
Tejopuram kanakavasanam sarvabhooshojjvalamgeem
Beejapuram kank kalasham hema padam dadhana
Maadyam Shakti sakalajananee vishuvamamk samstham
The image of Prasanna Lakshmi is worshipped along with other forms of Goddess Laxmi. This is form is very rarely worshipped as an independent deity.
Please note that Prasanna Lakshmi is not counted among the popular Ashta Lakshmi forms of Goddess Laxmi.

Rg Veda Quotes

Let noble thoughts come to us from every side. – Rg Veda I-89-iOne should act with one mind and one thought. – Rg Veda Samhita X-64-7Deeds shall be pure. — Rg Veda Samhita X-18-2 One who does not work is a social evil. — Rg Veda Samhita X-22-8Rg Veda