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Mundan Ceremony in Hindu Religion – Chudakarm Sanskar

Chudakarm Sanskar, or Mundan ceremony, is the auspicious ritual in which a child’s head is shaved for the first time. The ceremony is performed for the long life of the child. There ceremony is believed ensure success in life. Usually Mundan ceremony is performed before the end of the first birthday of the child. In some regions and by some communities the Chudakarm Sanskar is performed before the third birthday.The ceremony is usually performed in a temple which is famous for Mundan ceremony like TirupatiBalajiTemple.It must be noted that the ceremony is also performed before the fifth or seventh birthday of the child.The auspicious day for performing the ceremony is chosen after consulting an astrologer or after reading the regional Panchang. You may also like to readOn The Human Hair Tonsured at TirumalaTirupatiTempleKarnavedh SanskarAnnaprashan Ceremony

Download Yoga Vasishta English Translation in PDF format for free

In the Yoga Vasishta, Sage Vasishta answers the queries of Lord Ram. The questions raised by Lord Ram pertain to problems like life and death, human suffering, desire, happiness etc. The original Yoga Vaishta consists of 32,000 shlokas. This particular version that is available for download is the translation of Laghu Yoga Vasishta - it contains 6000 verses and is an abridgement of the original. This pdf format of Yoga Vasishta is of a book on Laghu Yoga Vasishta written by K Narayana Swami Aiyer and was first published in 1896.You can find the book here at - Yoga Vasishta Translation in EnglishAlternatively you can go for the pdf format directly here - Yoga Vasishta English in PDF formatPlease note that the PDF format is nearly 40 MB and you will need Adobe Acrobat.

Shri Nimishananda Quotes

Each one of us experiences a pull towards Divinity sometime in life. The pull becomes a propulsion, a constant motion that generates a divine vibration which makes us aware of our Soul.Normally the mind conceals the soul with thoughts and traps you in time and space. The constantly chattering mind prevents you from experiencing the sound of silence and bliss of soul. Meditation of the Supreme Knowledge splits the mind, segregates thoughts and burns them in the fire of knowledge.Scriptures say that the realization of God comes from the heart. If we want to experience Divinity, intense devotion or bhakti is the way. At present our devotion is like a dress that we wear or remove at our convenience. Bhakti is not only the process of engaging ourselves in formal worship, prayer or rituals. It is also a process of inner expansion and evolution where the mind comes to standstill. Shri Nimishananda