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Bhagavad Gita on why no improvement is seen even after attending spiritual programs?

All those who mechanically put in plenty of self effort do not necessarily succeed. Hundreds are those who complain that though they were regular in their spiritual program for years, no appreciable amount of self development has come to them. Only those who are successful in their attempts at stilling their mind and cleansing their intellect of its disturbing attachments and desires come to recognize the glory of the Self and experience Its Infinite Beatitude.
Those whose minds have not been properly regenerated through practice of self control of the senses, and who have not renounced and abandoned their evil ways of looking at things from the limited egocentric standpoint, whose pride has not yet been subdued – such seekers, however sincerely and ardently they may meditate, have little or no chance of unfolding themselves into their more divine possibilities. 
Though the Self is the nearest and, therefore, the most easily perceivable, yet all do not see Him, because of their comp…