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Why do we Hindus clap when singing bhajans or devotional songs?

We Hindus clap while singing bhajans or devotional songs in groups and this is to maintain the beat and rhythm. While clapping with bhajans one feels pure and refreshed and it also helps in concentration. Clapping while singing bhajans is popular in temples and during special gatherings at scared places and homes. But while chanting mantras nobody claps.The quick movement of hands and palms hitting each other is believed to have physical benefits. While clapping the pressure points in the hands are pressed and this helps improving blood circulation.

An Article on Vedic Management – Vedas in Business Management

This particular article titled - Vedic Management - The Holistic Approach to Managerial Excellence is by Dr S Kannan, Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services. Dr S Kannan had delivered a lecture on the subject Vedas in Business Management in Chennai and the lecture is published in the latest edition of Business Mandate a Monthly Publication of The Madras Management Association.Here are some excerpts from the articleThe Vedas cover the four-fold values of great relevance to human beings in terms of physiological, material, intellectual and spiritual values. They deal with physiological values for maintaining bodily health, strength and vigor. They discuss material values through ways and means of attaining riches, wealth and enjoyments. The Vedas focus on intellectual values like unambiguous knowledge, skills and efficiency. They highlight spiritual values in the form of truthfulness, righteousness and Self-realization. This inspires the individual to realize the existence of subtle aspe…

Bhishma Dwadashi 2018 date – Bhisma Dwadasi in 2018

Bhishma Dwadasi, or Bhisma Dwadasi, is believed to be the day when Pandavas performed the last rites of Bhishma – the great grandfather in the Mahabharata. Bhishma Dwadashi 2018 date is January 28. The day is also known as Magha Shukla Dwadasi. Bhishma who had got the boon of Icha Mirthyu, or to die when he wishes, chose the 12th day in the month of Magha (January – February) during the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon).

The popular belief is that Bhisma who was mortally wounded and was lying on a bed of arrows chose to leave the earth 58 days after the beginning of the Great War in Mahabharata.

Pandavas performed the last rites on the day on the banks of the River Ganga. In some regions people perform special rituals dedicated to the dead on the day.

There is a popular belief that offering Tarpan and Shradh on Bhishma Dwadasi day to ancestors is highly beneficial. Some people also perform Shradh in the name of Bhishma as he had no children.