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Osho on Attaining Truth

The first and the basic sutra to be understood is that truth is attained in emptiness and is lost in words. Truth is attained in silence and is lost in speech. Truth has no language; all language is untruth.Language as such is created by man. Truth is not created by man, it is his discovery. Truth is. It is neither to be created nor to be proved but only to be unveiled. And this unveiling of the truth happens only when all the noise of language inside stops, because language is the veil. Thoughts are the only obstacle.When a child is born he has no language. He does not come with any scripture, any religion, any caste or any nation. He arrives as an emptiness. The sacredness of emptiness is unique. Emptiness is the only virginity, the rest is all perversion.The child arrives like a fresh flower, there is not even a scratch on his consciousness. He does not know anything. But the child’s capacity to know ispure. He is like a mirror on which nothing is reflected yet, but the mirroring c…