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Brahmi Plant of Indian Ayurveda System Can Help Ward Off Alzheimer's Disease

Brahmi has been used by Hindus for thousands of years as a Brain tonic and is an important medicine in the Indian Ayurveda System of Medicine. It is also known as an anti-ageing plant. But Hindus always believed that Brahmi helps in concentration, memory and improves the intellect. Now trials underway at Swinburne University of Technology Brain Sciences Institute (BSI) indicate that Brahmi helps to ward off Alzheimer's Disease and preserves one's mental faculties.Times of India reportsAlthough what exactly causes Alzheimer's is not known, sufferers experience inflammation of the brain, deposits of beta amyloid, traces of heavy metals and signs of oxidative stress.

Brahmi, a semi-aquatic plant, acts on all of these, said Con Stough, director of the National Institute of Complementary Medicine (NICM) involved in trials underway at Swinburne University of Technology Brain Sciences Institute (BSI).

"It has an anti-inflammatory effect, is an antioxidant and collates and remo…

Arudhara Darshan 2012 Date – Ardra Darshanam of Shiva as Nataraja

Arudhara Darshan, or Ardra Darshanam is an auspicious day associated with Lord Shiva in Tamil Hindu culture. Arudhara Darshan 2012 date is January 8. The festival is celebrated with fervor in Lord Shiva temples in Tamil Nadu, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia and in other parts of the world with Tamil speaking population. The festival is mainly associated with the Nataraja form of Lord Shiva and celebrates Shiva’s cosmic dance.
Arudhara Darshan falls on the full moon day or a day later in the Tamil month of Marghazhi (December – January).
Arudhara Darshan is of great importance at the ChidambaramNatarajaTemple and marks the conclusion of Margazhi Brahmotsavam.
Ardra Darshanam is celebrated with fervor at the TiruvaalankaaduTemple, Nellaiappar temple, Kutralanaathar temple, TiruvarurTemple, KapaaleeswararTemple and in several other Lord Shiva shrines across the globe.
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Ribhu Gita Quotes

Realized sages say that absolute inherence in Reality means becoming one with the immutable, tranquil, non-dual Absolute Supreme Being which is Existence-Consciousness-Bliss and the Self of all, and making the wandering mind one with it like the proverbial milk and water, absolutely free from all concepts.When one scrutinizes this variety of manifestation one realizes that it does not really exist and that everything is the undifferentiated Absolute Supreme Being which is not different from the Self and oneself. Let this knowledge become firm with you by constant practice. Then, discarding everything, become one with the Supreme Absolute Reality and, remaining as that, be happy.Everything is the Supreme Being, which is Existence-Consciousness-Bliss, and I am That” By constantly cultivating this pure thought, get rid of impure thoughts. Then, my son, discarding even that thought and always inhering in the State of Fullness, you will become the non-dual and undifferentiated Supreme Bein…