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Story of Performing Thoppu Karanam to Lord Ganesha

Thoppu Karanam is performing the prayer before Lord Ganesh by holding the hands crosswise across the breast with the fingers holding the earlobes and bending down and then getting up. This is performed several times by Lord Ganesha devotees. The original name of Thoppu Karanam was Dhorbit Karana. There is an interesting story behind the origin of Thoppu Karanam practiced today by many Ganesh devotees especially in South India.
Legend has it that once there was a demon named Gajamukhasura. He was creating havoc around the world and started killing Devas and humans. Lord Ganesha intervened and began to fight Gajamukhasura. The fight was witnessed by Devas and Saints.
During the fight Lord Ganesh took a fierce form and started swirling the Gajamukhasura in air. Frightened and to avoid getting hurt from the violent swirl, Devas and saints started bending down and performing the Thoppu Karanam. Ganesha finally killed Gajamukhasura but the Devas and saints continued perform Thoppu Karana…

Upanayan Muhurat Dates in 2010 – Auspicious Day for Upanayana or Sacred Thread Ceremony

Upanayana Samskara is the wearing of sacred thread, also known as Janoi. Upanayan ceremony is observed by various Hindu communities. Below are the Upanayana Muhurat dates in 2010 .The Upanayana Samskara ceremony gives a child a second birth and entitles him to study the Vedas and participate in Vedic functions. In essence, after the Janoi wearing ceremony, the child commences his journey on the road to spiritual life.Please note that these dates are based on Panchangs followed in western parts of India. All dates based on Indian Standard Time January 2010 – There are no dates due to positions of Guru and Shukra.February 2010 – There are no datesMarch 2010 – March 25 and March 31April 2010 –

Ivar Madham on the Banks of Bharathapuzha River – the Busiest Hindu Crematorium in Kerala

Ivar Madham, on the Banks of Bharathapuzha River, at Pampady in Thrissur District in Kerala is one of the busiest Hindu Crematoriums in Kerala. Ivar Madham is one of the public crematoriums located on the banks of river in Kerala and is also associated with the Pandavas of the Mahabharata. Legend has it that the Pandavas, after the battle of Kurukshetra in Mahabharata, went to several places performing the ancestral rites for the deceased relatives in the war. Unsuccessful in freeing the souls of the departed, they traveled south and reached Pampady, where Lord Krishna advised them to perform the last rites, which they then completed successfully. Some of popular writers and Kathakali artists have been cremated at the Ivar Madham. The spot has become so famous that people from different places in Kerala are now choosing Ivar Madham for cremation.Ajayan writes in Livemint about Korappath Ramesh, a double post graduate, who organizes the cremations at Ivar Madham with precision and rela…

Puja Rates at Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple

The puja and the vazhipadu cost at the LordAyyappaTemple in Sabarimala in Kerala have been cut by more than 50 to 70% in the larger interests of the Ayyappa devotees. The pilgrims that wish to conduct various pujas have to arrange the pooja and ritual items for the conduct of the puja and the payment have to be paid at the Devaswom office.Pujas like Udayasthamana Puja, Padi Puja and Ulsava Bali have to be booked well in advance. Booking and reservation for Udayasthamana Puja and Padi Puja for a decade has been completed.

Vaikathashtami 2017 Date - Festival Vaikathashtami at Vaikom Mahadeva Temple in 2017

Vaikathashtami, observed in the Malayalam month Vrishchikam on the eight day after full moon day, is one of the most popular temple festivals in Kerala. Vaikathashtami 2017 date is December 10. The festival is held at the famous VaikomMahadevaTemple at Vaikom near Kottayam in Kerala. Lord Shiva is worshipped here in the form of a Shivling, which is believed to have been formed during the Tretayuga.
The Vaikathashtami festival lasts for 12 days and the most important day is the Ashtami day. Ashtami is the eighth day after full moon and no moon as per traditional Hindu calendar.
The festival attracts thousands of people and one of the major highlights during the festival is the Ashtami Vilakku or lamps. Another major ritual during the festival is the arrival of Lord Murga (Subrahmanya) from the nearby UdayanapuramSubrahamanyaTemple to pay respects to his father Lord Shiva at the VaikomTemple.

You can find more details about the festival in this earlier article on Vaikathashtami.

Jiddu Krishnamurti Thoughts on Position in Society

Most of us crave the satisfaction of having a position in society because we are afraid of being nobody. Society is so constructed that a citizen who has a position of respect is treated with great courtesy, whereas a man who has no position is kicked around.Everyone in the world wants a position, whether in society, in the family or to sit on the right hand of God, and this position must be recognized by others, otherwise it is no position at all. We must always sit on the platform.Inwardly we are whirlpools of misery and mischief and therefore to be regarded outwardly as a great figure is very gratifying.This craving for position, for prestige, for power, to be recognized by society as being outstanding in some way, is a wish to dominate others, and this wish to dominate is a form of aggression.The saint who seeks a position in regard to his saintliness is as aggressive as the chicken pecking in the farmyard. And what is the cause of this aggressiveness? It is fear, isn’t it?Jiddu K…