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Goddess Vaishnavi

Goddess Vaishnavi is one of the seven mother goddesses or Sapta Matrikas. Goddess Vaishnavi takes Her name from Lord Vishnu and she believed to have born from the body of Vishnu. She is armed with the same weapons like Lord Vishnu and wears the same ornaments and rides the same Vahana or vehicle and also carries the same banner. Please note that Goddess Vaishnavi is different from Goddess Vaishno Devi.Goddess Vaishnavi is mentioned in the Varaha Purana, Matsya Purana and Markandeya Purana. There is also a legend which suggests Vaishnavi came out from Goddess Kaumari’s hand, seated on Garuda and holding a conch, discus, club, sword, bow and arrow.Goddess Kaumari is believed to have had Her origin from Lord Skanda or Muruga or Kartik.Goddess Vaishnavi is usually depicted as having four hands. She carries in one of her right hands the Chakra (discus) and in the left hand the Sankha (Conch), her two other hands are held in the Abhaya and the Varada Mudra. She wears a yellow garment and a …

Lunar Eclipse December 2009 – January 2010 Time in India – Partial Lunar Eclipse

A partial lunar eclipse, Chandra Grahan, will take place in India during December 31, 2009 and end during the early hours of January 1, 2010. The partial eclipse time is from 17:17:07 GMT to 21:28:15 GMT. The corresponding India time of the Grahan is from 22:47 hrs on December 31, 2009 to 02:58 hrs on January 1, 2010. According to NASA, this is a partial lunar eclipse and is visible in India, Nepal, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Singapore, Bangladesh, Burma, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and other places in Asia (eastern hemisphere). Please note that the partial lunar eclipse is not visible in United States and Canada.The following map shows the detail view of the Lunar Eclipse on December 31, 2009 – January 1, 2010 around the world:Click on the image for a larger view (Image courtesy NASA)
Lunar Eclipse and HindusUsually during a lunar eclipse, a fast (Upvaas) is observed by certain communities in Hindu religion. The fast begins about 9 hours before the beginning of the lunar eclipse. People also…

Hindu Holy Saraswati River to be revived in Haryana

Hindus once took holy bath in SaraswatiRiver but later it disappeared from earth. Hindus always worshipped SaraswathiRiver along with Ganga and YamunaRiver and the river is mentioned in various Hindu Holy scriptures and is part of rituals. But for many historians it was a myth. Now HolySaraswatiRiver is being revived in Haryana and the project is almost complete. Times of India reportsCome 2010 and Haryana will join the league of states wowing pilgrims from across the country. The state is progressing towards completing the last leg of 3.5km stretch of river Saraswati between Jyotisar and Bibipur. The state has completed digging work in the 68km stretch under the first phase of revival plan for the SaraswatiRiver.Speaking to TOI, the irrigation authorities ruled out the use of river water for purposes other than religious. “The basic idea is to retain its sanctity so that more and more devotees come to visit the holy places along its course. We would not allow the use of this water fo…

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Thoughts on Corruption

It is everywhere; even in India there is corruption. Corruption begins when the sense of belongingness ends. If you draw a circle of belongingness around you corruption only begins after that. Politicians need to be more spiritual. By spiritual I mean, have a sense of belongingness towards people. Mahatma Gandhi is an example of this, in this century. He was a spiritual person and at the same time he was a politician too. He had the sense of sacrifice.‘I want nothing for myself but I want it for my people’. That spirit is going down somewhere along the line. That is why there is corruption and all sorts of unethical businesses have sprung up. We need to inculcate those value systems again, both in politics and in business. Trust is the backbone of business. From what we’ve seen in last 10 months, it took 10 years for communism to collapse, it took less than 10 months for capitalism to collapse, and the reason is that we have ignored our value system and ethics in business.

We have igno…

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