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Holy River Narmada – Why Narmada is considered to be a holy river in Hindu Religion?

Narmada is a holy river for Hindus and is associated with Lord Shiva. It is believed that a mere darshan of the holy river Narmada helps in purifying the soul. It is also believed that taking a holy dip or bath in Narmada is equal to taking bath in GangaRiver.
Narmada is extensively mentioned in the Puranas and there are chapters dedicated to it in the Vayu Purana and Skanda Purana. Narmada is also known as Reva and Shankari.
There are numerous legends associated with Narmada. One legend says that Goddess Ganga once in a year appears in Narmada in the form a black cow and washes all the sins collected in Ganga. This shows the holiness of the river.
There are numerous stories regarding the origin of NarmadaRiver in Hindu scriptures. She is considered to be the daughter of Lord Shiva. It is believed that once while Shiva was meditating in the AmarkantakaPeak, Narmada spontaneously appeared from his body. Her sight evoked tenderness (narma) in Shiva and thus she was called Narmada.
Another …

Pune – Vaishno Devi Spiritual Package Tour Indian Railways

Indian Railways has announced a spiritual tour package to visit the famous MataVaishnoDeviTemple in Jammu and Kashmir from Pune, Maharashtra. The present tour package which is part of Indian Rail Tourism is available on November 20, 2009; December 11, 2009; January 1, 2010; January 22, 2010 and February 12, 2010. You can book the tickets online at the rail tourism India website or at any of the IRCTC offices spread across India. Standard Double Occupancy rate is Rs.3299/-Tour PackagePune -Vaishnodevi (05 Nights / 06 Days)

Day 1 -
Departure from Pune at 17:20 Hrs at 1077 Jhelum Express . Full Day Train Journey.

Day 2 -
Full Day Train Journey.

Day 3 -
Arrival Jammu Tawi Station by Train No. 1077 08:55 hrs. , Pickup and proceed to Katra . Check- in to hotel. Over night stay at Katra.

Day 4 -
Visit to Vaishnodevi shrine. Late Evening Departure From Jammu Tawi Station by Train No. 1078 21:45 Hrs.

Day 5 -
Full Day Train Journey.

Day 6 -
Tour End. Arrival at Pune by Train No. 1078 14:35 Hrs.You can find…

Vishnu Deepam 2018 – Sokkappanai 2018 date

Vishnu Deepam is observed on the full moon day or a day earlier in Karthigai Masam as per traditional Tamil Calendar. Vishnu Deepam 2018 date is November 22. It is observed by lighting bonfire known as Sokkappanai and is based on the legend of Thrivikrama (Vamana Avatar) of Lord Vishnu.

The legend associated with Vishnu Deepam is an interpretation of Lord Vamana asking three steps of land from King Bali. Here instead of land it is based on the movement of sun and earth. It is said that the two steps of Lord Vamana are the Uttarayan and vernal equinox. And the third step which sends Bali to the underworld is the autumn equinox and the bonfire lit on Vishnu Deepam remembers this event.

Karthigai Deepam is also observed on the day and this is mainly dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Muruga.

Yogi Krishna Prem Thought – The Main Fault Lies With Disciples Who Blindly Follow Fake Gurus

Until a man has reached a certain stage of development by his own efforts it is very little use for him to seek for a Guru. Of the vast army of ‘gurus,’ a very large number are charlatans who are simply desirous of acquiring disciples for the sake of their own fame and profit.There is a foolish notion current that any man has only got to go to some competent Guru and the latter will push him into a first-class compartment in the mukti-mail and then he will sit playing cards till he automatically reaches his destination. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The disciple must tread the Path by his own efforts, and no Guru, however great a Mahatma he may be, can do more than show him the Way.A devotee getting attracted to a fake guru is his own fault since he has not taken the steps which should qualify him to be disciple and is utterly unfit to recognize the Guru even if he meets him. Some shastras give long lists of the qualities a disciple should possess, but the Bhagawata goes st…