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Kalabhairava Ashtami – Mahakal Bhairav Ashtami

Kalabhairava Ashtami, or Mahakal Bhairav Ashtami, is one of the highly auspicious days dedicated to Lord Kalabhairava – a manifestation of Lord Shiva. Kalabhairava Ashtami 2018 date is November 30. It is believed that Kalabhairava appeared on this day.

Kalabhairava is the God of Time – Kal means ‘time’ and ‘Bhairava’ the manifestation of Shiva. The Ashtami, the eighth day, during the Krishna Paksha (waning phase of moon) in the month of Margasheersh is considered the ideal day to propitiate Kala Bhairav. The corresponding period in other calendars is the Kartik Krishna Paksha.

It must be noted that Kalabhairava Ashtami is observed on the eighth day after full moon on all months by Shiva devotees. The one observed in Margasheersh month is the most auspicious one.

Legend has it that it Lord Shiva in the form of Kalabhairava chopped off the fifth head of Brahma and performed penance on this day.

There are several legends regarding the reason for chopping of the fifth head of Brahma. O…

Swami Atmaswarupananda Thoughts

Our fundamental problem is that we personalize our experience. We don’t see it from the point of view of the truth that everything is one. When we see everything from an impersonal point of view, automatically we want nothing. And, therefore, happiness or our natural bliss is there. When we see things from an impersonal point of view, we see the play of the pairs of opposites and the three gunas. We recognize that we are in a world of experiences. Some are pleasant to the senses, some are not. We know that both are inevitable, and, therefore, we don’t chase one or try to avoid the other. Neither do we want the pleasurable ones, nor do we want to avoid those that are not pleasant. We want nothing. We simply respond to all experiences by doing what is appropriate, our duty at that moment.
Swami Atmaswarupananda