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Durga Puja Idols in Fiber Glass

If the Durga Puja tradition is to be strictly followed, the idol of Goddess Durga should be made from pure clay and should only be decorated with natural paints. But today majority of the Durga Puja idols are made from Plaster of Paris and painted using chemical paints. Another popular material used is paper mache. There are also plastic idols but are rarely used. A new entrant to the list of material used to make Durga idols is fiber glass. Fiberglass Durga idols are mostly exported from India to various Durga Puja celebrations take place around the world. The advantages are that the idol is lighter in weight and is easy to transport. Chances of breaking are minimal. It can be molded to look like clay idol. If the Durga idol is not to be immersed in water at the end of the festivities, then it can be reused. Fibre glass Durga Idols are not meant to be immersed in water. Today, Fiber glass Durga idols are the costliest and a medium sized idol will cost around $6000. Minimum sized clay…

Sayings of Bhartruhari

Enjoyments of embodied beings are fleeting like the quick play of lightning within a mass of clouds; life is as insecure as a drop of water attached to the edge of a lotus leaf and dispersed by the wind; the desires of youth are unsteady; realizing these quickly, let the wise firmly fix their minds in Yoga, easily attainable by patience and equanimity.As long as this body is free from disease and decrepitude, as long as senility is far off, as long as the powers of the senses are unaffected and life is not decaying, so long, wise persons should put forth mighty exertions for the sake of their Supreme good, for when the house is on fire what avails setting about digging a well for water?Raja Bhartruhari – a well-known poet and philosopher
(Source: ‘Vairagya Satakam’ by Swami Madhavananda)