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Hinduism and Human Cloning

It is a well known fact that Hindu religion does not have a centralized authority to present a collective Hindu opinion on major issues. A classic example is the issue of cloning technique and human cloning. The Roman Catholic Church Pope termed cloning technique “intrinsically evil in design.” Islam too opposes cloning. What about Hindus?For issues like cloning, each Hindu has an individual opinion of his/her own. A Hindu usually develops his/her opinion about a particular issue after analyzing the media reports. Majority of the Hindus are always in favor of scientific research. And the reason for this was stated by Swami Agnivesh in the Hindustan TimesVedic scholar and an Arya Samaj leader Swami Agnivesh said: "Hinduism does not oppose human cloning. According to Vedas no scientific research should be left untouched, and thus we welcome all forms of scientific research.”He said, "By cloning we aren’t playing God. God has given us special abilities. Unlike animals, human be…