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Deciphering the Vedas Using Artificial Intelligence

When one goes deep into the Vedas, numerous doubts arise regarding the use of certain words as they have multiple meanings. And certain concepts give a feel as if they have been forced into the Vedas and were not part of the original text. Prabhu Ram Raghunathan of Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to clear such doubts on a statistical basis. So what is Artificial Intelligence?From library.thinkquest.orgArtificial Intelligence, or AI for short, is a combination of computer science, physiology, and philosophy. AI is a broad topic, consisting of different fields, from machine vision to expert systems. The element that the fields of AI have in common is the creation of machines that can "think".Varun Aggarwal writes in expresscomputeronline in detail about the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in deciphering the Vedas and the role played by Prabhu Ram Raghunathan.Prabhu Ram Raghunathan is currently trying to buil…