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Mother Goddess Worship in Hinduism

The earliest archeological evidence of Mother Goddess worship in India is found in the Indus Valley Civilization. Goddesses are also mentioned in Vedic hymns and Samhitas. The maximum number of Goddesses is found in the Atharva Veda. Then there are numerous goddesses of folk origin whose antiquity and origin are unknown. Many of them continue to be worshipped even today. Aditi, Apo-devi, Ushas, Prithvi, Vak, Ratri, Sri, Nishthigri, Urvasi, Saraswati, Sandhya, Sinivali, Sraddha, Gayatri, Savitri, Indrani, Godha, Ghosha, Juhu, Dakshina, Medha, Yami, Sarama, Sarva-rajni, Lokshya, Romasa, Visva-vara and Durga are goddesses mentioned in the Vedas. Most of the Goddesses represent the different aspects of nature. Some are protectors and some personifications of diseases. Some represent fertility and nourishment. Then there are humans who have attained the status of Goddesses. Some folk goddesses have special powers to cure small pox, snake poison etc. Some goddesses are ‘gramadevata’ or pro…