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Automated 108-feet Hanuman Idol in Delhi

The arms of this Hanuman idol open and a trolley holding idols of Lord Ram and Sita comes out of his heart. Well, this is not an animated or 3D scene. This unique 108-feet idol is located at Pusa Road roundabout in New Delhi. The surprises are not yet over; the statue stands on the severed head of a demon, houses a four-storied temple and an underground cave with water. It took around 13 years to complete the idol, which has been placed 30 feet under the ground. The four-storied temple inside the statue houses temples of Lord Ram, Lord Shvia, Sai Baba and Vaishno Devi. The door to the temple is thorough the mouth of the demon. There is a fountain on the statue with water flowing from the head. The automated arms opening of the Hanuman Statue takes place only on Tuesdays and Thursdays after the evening prayers at 1900hrs.

Rutgers University offers Summer Courses on Hindu Religion

RutgersUniversity in New Jersey, United States, will be offering courses on Hinduism from this summer. A range of courses covering different elements and approaches to Hindu Philosophy and Culture are included. The aim of the university is to provide people with the opportunity to study one of the world's oldest continuous traditions through a breadth of perspectives. Students can become a part of the Rutgers community this summer by enrolling in the Summer Hindu Studies Program. The program is open to Rutgers Students and non Rutgers Students. The credit courses include Hinduism through its narrative tradition – This course will explore the world of Hindu narratives and how it informs its audience on the Hindu view of life.Hindu Rituals, Festivals and Symbols – The focus of this course is to understand the rites, festivals and symbols within Hinduism and other Indic traditions.Hindu Philosophy – The course focuses on the various aspects of Hindu Philosophy.Hinduism and Modernity …