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Showing posts from January 31, 2007

Experience of maintaining a Hindu religious blog

When I started out writing Hindu blog, I was totally in dark and didn’t know what to write. There are very few religious blogs that have succeeded. And many of the top bloggers even today consider it not a good idea to do spiritual blogging. But what prompted me to maintain a Hinduism blog was my interest to know about what is happening around the world in regard with Hindu religion.When I began blogging, there were only a few blogs dealing with Hinduism. Some blogs showed high enthusiasm in the beginning and the bloggers lost interest as there were not much visitors. Some people wrote a few posts mostly defending Hinduism from the attack of other bloggers. Some were frustrated with the pseudo-secularists in India and their blogs concentrated on talking about the plight of Hindus in India. Some met hatred with hatred.So initially I just collected links from other blogs and newspaper articles. Put a daily quote on the blog. After a month or so I started receiving mails asking about cer…