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Hindu Temples in Trinidad

The two of the most important Hindu temples in Trinidad and Tobago are the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple and the Temple in the Sea or the Waterloo temple.

Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple

The 85-foot tall idol of Lord Hanuman is the center of attraction here. The temple light rose in color is built on Dravidian architectural lines.

The Temple in the Sea or the Waterloo temple

This temple is the result of the unwavering dedication of Sewdass Sadhu – an indentured laborer – who was arrested and sent to prison for building a temple on the farmland in which he worked. Returning from the prison, Sewdass Sadhu decided to build the temple in the sea.

Hinduism Today in its June 1997 issue wrote
Every day thereafter Sewdass Sadhu would pack a small leather bag with foundation blocks and journey to the seaside on a bicycle. He placed these in the ocean, and gradually built up the stones until a small island rose from the water. In time, Sewdass Sadhu built a cement structure above the ocean waters, which he freely used as the havan site for his prayers.
Sumintra, a community elder, remembers, "People used to laugh and make fun of the man when, day after day, he would be seen riding his bicycle for miles to the sea. Many of the villagers said he was mad, but that did not bother him. Look what we have today, a beautiful Siva temple. Is that madness?" The little-known Hindu sadhu died in 1970.
The temple was renovated in 1995 and is a major attraction in Trinidad today.
Trinidad has a large Hindu population and each community has its own temple.