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Experience Of Maintaining a Hindu Religious Blog

When I started out writing Hindu blog, I was totally in dark and didn’t know what to write. There are very few religious blogs that have succeeded. And many of the top bloggers even today consider it not a good idea to do spiritual blogging. But what prompted me to maintain a Hinduism blog was my interest to know about what is happening around the world in regard with Hindu religion.

When I began blogging, there were only a few blogs dealing with Hinduism. Some blogs showed high enthusiasm in the beginning and the bloggers lost interest as there were not much visitors. Some people wrote a few posts mostly defending Hinduism from the attack of other bloggers. Some were frustrated with the pseudo-secularists in India and their blogs concentrated on talking about the plight of Hindus in India. Some met hatred with hatred.

So initially I just collected links from other blogs and newspaper articles. Put a daily quote on the blog. After a month or so I started receiving mails asking about certain aspects of Hinduism. That gave an idea to widen the scope of the blog. Slowly the blog evolved itself and it continues to grow. 

This month Hindu blog received more than 10,000 unique visitors. The only problem with 
maintaining this blog is the financial part as I have to spend at least three hours a day maintaining it. I am hoping to overcome this mainly through Ads.

Through this blog I met some wonderful souls. I continue to learn more about Santana Dharma and I feel I have become a better person both mentally and physically.