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Japanese Woman Performs 72-hour Samadhi for World Peace during Ardh Kumbh Mela 2007

She stayed in an unventilated underground chamber at the Ardh Kumbh Mela grounds in Prayag for 72 hours. Yogmata Kiko Ikoba, the Japanese woman, performed this Samadhi for world peace.

She entered the nine-feet by nine-feet chamber on January 18, 2007 after rituals and prayers. On completion of the ‘Samadhi’, she was conferred the title of 'mahamandaleshwar' by Joona Akhara.

One of the largest of Hindu orders, Juna Akhara has 150,000 sadhus as its members.

Joona Akhara is a Shaiva sect and they have lot of privileges during Kumbh Mela. The tutelary deity of Joona Akhara is the Bhairava form of Shiva.

The seven Dashnami Akharas are Nirvani and Atal, known together as Nirvani Akhara, Niranjani and Anand known together as Niranjani Akhara, and Joona, Awahan and Agni, known as Joona Akhara.