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Ardh Kumbh Mela Map Allahabad

There is a detailed map of the Ardh Kumbh Mela area at articles on Ardh Kumbh Mela Allahabad here

Naga Sadhus

Naga Sadhus – often misunderstood and jeered by the western media – are the epitome of renunciation. Nag Sadhus don’t bother whether they are misunderstood or called the naked holy men of India or ash-smeared and naked Hindu saints. They represent human beings in purity and are representatives of Lord Shiva.The Naga Sadhus – part of a mysterious and secret society – are worshippers of Lord Shiva. Nag means ‘naked’ and they are also known as Nag Babas and Warrior-Ascetics. The mainly appear in public during the Kumbh Mela.The order of Naga Sadhus was founded by Dattatreya and the date of founding is lost in time. Perhaps an age when humans never cared for time. Shankaracharya first organized the Nagas to protect Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism).They never bother about the materialistic world and practice celibacy to escape from the cycle of rebirth and to merge with the Brahman. As they belong to the Shaiva sect, they have matted locks of hair and their bodies are covered in ashes like Lord …

Arudra Darshan at the Sydney Murugan Temple

Arudra Darshan was celebrated at the SydneyMuruganTemple starting from 3.45am with Thirupalli Ellichi. Over 200 people participated in the Arudra Darshan in January 2007.

Significance of Arudra Darshan

The cosmic dance of Lord Shiva (Nataraja) represents five activities – Creation, Protection, Destruction, Embodiment and Release. In essence, it represents the continuous cycle of creation and apocalypse. This cosmic dance takes place in every particle and this is the source of all energy. The movement of Lord Shiva is Shakti. Hence, Arudra Darshan is celebrated in appreciation of the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva.

Information and photos sent by Ravi Ravindrarajah
Faculty of Engineering
University of Technology, Sydney
9514 2625

Large Scale Excavation to Reveal the Past of Krishna’s Dwarka

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has launched excavations near Dwarkadheesh temple in Gujarat to reveal Dwaraka’s past. Dwarka was the golden city founded by Lord Krishna and is one of the four dhams in Hinduism.Earlier, the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) had carried out extensive undersea excavations. NIO had excavated large number of stone structures of various shapes. Some stone structures give the indication that Dwarka was a busy port.Now ASI along with navy is planning to conduct both offshore and onshore excavations. The onshore excavations will be near the Dwarkadheesh temple and at Gomti Ghat.Indian Express reports‘‘The ASI plans to take up research with a different perspective, while keeping in mind earlier findings. Post-excavation, we will involve a range of experts to analyse the findings of our 20-member team,’’ said Tripathi.

Enlightenment Credit Card

This is no joke. A web site is promoting enlightenment credit card – a socially conscious credit card. The web site says money is energy and if used positively it can change lives and the world. So what does ‘enlightenment credit card’ offer?People who have the card get points for spending money positively. From the web site"…people can earn points towards positive products and services that enhances their overall “conscious” life path? Some of the categories of rewards you can earn points toward are yoga classes and merchandise, organic products, retreats + workshops, exotic travels, books+ DVD’s, personal care, spa treatments, and more. And, members can even redeem their points to make donations to charities…."We live in a world which creatively produces materialistic traps…it needs courage and determination to avoid many of them….

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