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Good Dates in May 2023 in Hindu Calendar - Hindu Auspicious Days and Time in Month May 2023

Hindu auspicious days are looked for buying selling and various other purposes. Good dates in May 2023 in Hindu calendar given below are based on India Standard Time. The auspicious dates and time in May 2023 are good for house warming, joining job, starting work, buying car or house, moving into new rented home, registration of property, villa, house flat, birth, visiting, first visit, buy bike, buying flat, house, property, villa, etc. Hindu Auspicious Days and Time in May 2023 May 2 May 3 May 4 May 7 good time till 8:29 PM May 11 good time till 11:27 AM May 12 May 14 good time till 6:34 AM May 16 May 21 May 22 May 24 May 25 May 29 May 30 good time till 8:53 PM May 31 good time after 8:13 PM Bad dates – These dates should be completely avoided  – May 13, 17, 18, 19, 20 and May 26 Certain dates that might not be mentioned above are neither good nor bad. They are average dates. You won't get the desired results if auspicious events are performed

Durga Ashtami 2023 – Importance of Durga Ashtami - Mantra

Durga Ashtami is the eighth day of the Navratri celebrations. Durgashtami is also known as Mahashtami and is one of the important days of Durga Puja and a fast is undertaken by many people.  In 2023, the date of Durga Ashtami is October 22.  Weapons of Goddess Durga are worshipped on the day and it is known Astra Puja. The day is also known as Virashtami as there are displays using arms or martial arts. It is one of the most important day for Goddess Worship in Hindu religion. Please note - Chaitra Durga Ashtami will be observed on March 29, 2023. There is also a belief in some regions that Goddess Kali appeared from the forehead of Durga on this day to annihilate Chanda and Munda and Raktabija. During the Durga Puja rituals on Mahashtami day the 64 Yoginis and Ashta Nayikas – the eight consorts – of Durga are also worshipped. The eight consorts of Durga, also known as Eight Shaktis, are interpreted differently in different regions of India . But ultimately all the ei

Nabapatrika Puja 2023 Date – Patrika Pravesh during Durga Puja

Patrika Pravesh is an important ritual held during the Durga Puja and it is observed on the Saptami day. Patrika Pravesh 2023 date is October 21. This puja is also known as Nabapatrika Puja or Nabapatrika Pooja.  ‘Nava’ means nine and ‘Patrika’ means leaves in Sanskrit and Nabapatrika is part of rituals during Durga Puja and is installed on Saptami day. The leaves are also known as Nine Durgas. Nabapatrika symbolize nine deities worshipped in Hinduism. The nine plants are plantain (Banana), Kacu, Turmeric, Jayanti, Wood Apple (Bilva), Pomegranate, Ashoka, Arum and Rice Paddy or Dhanya. During dawn on Saptami day, just as the first light of sun descents on earth, Nabapatrika puja is performed. The Pran Pratishta, or life, is breathed into the idol of Goddess Durga. The ritual is performed on the  Ghats  of a river or pond. The idol of Goddess Durga is not taken to the pond instead life is symbolically transferred from water to plantain tree. The ritual is an elaborate one and th

Nischaladasa – Great Saint Scholar Of 19th Century

Nischaladasa (1800 – 1864), also written as Nischaladas and Nischala Dasa, was a great scholar of 19th century CE and famous for his work Vichara Sagara. A disciple of Dadu, he was well versed in Vedas, Sanskrit grammar and the six systems of Hindu philosophy. He had his early Advaita training at Kashi or Varanasi. He visited many places in the Indian subcontinent to spread his message and passed away in 1864 CE in a village near Delhi, where he used to live. Vichara Sagara (Ocean of Contemplation) of Nischaladasa is a brilliant composition written in Hindi in 527 stanzas for easy understanding of those who had little knowledge of Sanskrit and who needed to understand the Advaita texts. This brilliant text was composed in the village of Kihadouli in western Delhi. In style and content, Vicharasagara of Nischala Dasa is influenced by Panchadasi of Vidyaranya. Vicharasagara has seven tarnagas (waves or chapters). The first Taranga deals with the unity of jiva and Brahman, which is

Papankusha Ekadashi October 2023- Mantra - Puja Vidhi

Papankusha Ekadasi is observed during the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) in the Hindu month of Ashwin (September – October). Papankusha Ekadashi 2023 date is October 25. The significance of this Ekadasi is mentioned in the Brahma Vaivarta Purana and was narrated to Yudhishtira by Lord Krishna. It is known as Papankusha because observing it is believed to destroy all the sins. It is believed that observing Papankusha Ekadasi will help in realizing one’s dreams. It is also said that observing Papankusha fasting is equal to making 100 types of numerous offerings. On Papankusha Ekadasi, Bhagavan Vishnu is worshipped in the form of Ananta Padmanabha – reclining on Snake Ananta in the milky ocean. Some of the other results obtained by observing Papankusha Ekadashi include Moksha, freedom from vices and diseases. Doing community service and helping the poor on the day is considered to help in realizing one’s true nature. All the usual rules associated with Ekadasi fasting is ob

Utpath Yog In Hindu Astrology

Utpath Yog, or Utpad Yoga, is considered a bad and inauspicious period in Hindu astrology. This yog is calculated based on nakshatra or birth star. The time period of Utpath Yog is till the nakshatra on the particular day. Utpath Yog time period is to be avoided for travels, exams and financial dealings. The time is also not good for the first meeting with a person or family. All kinds of investments, openings etc should be avoided during the time period. Utpath Yoga happens when -  Vishaka or Vishakam nakshatra falls on Sunday or Ravivar Purvashada or Pooradam nakshatra falls on Monday or Somvar Dhanishta or Avittam nakshatra falls on Tuesday or Mangalvar Revati nakshatra falls on Wednesday or Budhwar Rohini nakshatra falls on Thursday or Guruvar Pushya or Poosam or Pooyam nakshatra falls on Friday or Shukravar Uttara Phalguni or Uthram nakshatra falls on Saturday or Shanivar. Utpath Yog is present only when the corresponding nakshatra is present on the particular

Aparajita Devi Mantra

Aparajita Devi mantra is dedicated to Goddess Aparajita. The mantra is chanted for achieving victory over enemies. It is also chanted by people participating in various competitions. The mantra is ideal for sportsmen and sports women. Aparajita Devi Mantra ' मम सकुटुम्बस्य क्षेम सिद्धयर्थे अपराजिता पूजनं करिष्ये ' The mantra should be chanted facing northeast or east. The ideal time to chant the mantra is early mornings. The mantra should be chanted 108 times. Lamp lit using pure cow ghee should be placed while chanting the mantra. The mantra should be chanted after taking bath. There should be both internal and external purification.

Mantra For Child Health In Hindu Religion

Mantra for child health in Hindu religion is dedicated to Dhanwantari. The mantra should be chanted in the morning hours after sunrise. Here is the mantra for good health of your children. श्री   धनवंतरी   स्वरूप   श्री   श्री   श्री   औषधचक्त्र   नारायणाय   नमः॥ Sri Dhanwantari Swaroopa Sri Sri Sri Oushadha Chakra Narayanaya Namah The mantra should be chanted 108 times facing the sun. Feeding cow, ants, fishes, birds and other animals helps in solving health troubles related to children. It is also highly meritorious to plant trees and take care of them like children. All these actions along with the mantra help in creating a positive aura. This positive energy helps in having a disease free family with good health of children.

Navratri Day 5 Mantra – Fifth Day Prayers for Navratri in Hindi

The fifth day prayers for Navratri is dedicated to Goddess Skandamata. Navratri Day 5 Mantra in Hindi is given below. It is chanted on October 19, 2023 during Navratri. It is chanted on March 26, 2023 during Chaitra Navratri. There are three mantras. First is Mool Mantra for fifth day of Navratri. Second is Dhyana Sloka dedicated to Goddess Skanda Mata. Third is a Stotra. You can chant also prayers like Lalita Sahasranama on the day. There is no need to chant all mantras. Most devotees chant just the mool mantra. Navratri Day 5 Mool Mantra सिंहासना गता नित्यं पद्माश्रि तकरद्वया। शुभदास्तु सदा देवी स्कंदमाता यशस्विनी।। Navratri Day 5 Dhyan Mantra Navratri Day 5 Stotra

Dreaming Of Spider Nests – Meaning

Dreaming of spider nests is a negative sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will face problems associated with property and house. It also means infestation of bugs in your residence. Dreams of spider nests also mean you will get into sticky situations in relationships or at workplace. Dream of spider nests means you will run into problems without noticing them. You will be ignorant about what is happening around you. Dreaming of spider nests and you are seen in the dream means it is a warning sign about accidents in near future. It also means facing unexpected problems especially due to your carelessness or absent mindedness. Dreams of spider nests and you see prey in it means you will be defeated by your enemies. It also means you will face attack or will fall into the trap set by your enemies. Dreams of spider nests and you get caught and you are happy in the dream means suicidal thoughts or depression. It also means you will turn destructive whi

Dreaming Of Needing To Pee – Meaning

Dreaming of needing to pee is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means in near future you will have tension or stressful situations. It is also a sign of developing certain habits suddenly that will result in health issues. Dreams of needing to pee and you wake up terrified means you will hear bad news. Dream of needing to pee and you are searching for a place means you will face unexpected problems during travels. It also means facing problems in an unknown place. Dreaming of needing to pee and you are crying or getting disturbed means physical attack or you getting stuck in a bad place. It also means old memories haunting you. Dreams of needing to pee and you are happy in the dream means partying or fun and other similar activities. Dreaming of need to pee and you see urine means embarrassment or unknowingly doing something weird.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter VIII Verse 18

At the approach of (Brahma’s) day, all manifestations proceed from the unmanifest state, and at the approach of the night they merge into that same state, called the unmanifest. (Bhagavad Gita 8.18) Verses 17 and 18 of chapter 18 of Bhagavad Gita signify the evolution and involution of cosmic Energy, represented by Brahma’s day and night. As we go to sleep and become unconscious of the external world, so does Brahma also go to sleep. Then all becomes chaos and the world comes to an end. But when Brahma wakes up, evolution begins again. The universe was not annihilated during Brahma’s sleep, but in the process of involution everything goes back to its finer state. It becomes finer and finer until it is no more perceivable. But everything remains in the germ state, to come out again in the process of evolution. This process of evolution and involution, according to some, takes place with the entire Cosmos, while others hold that it refers to one solar system at a time, each solar syste

Dreaming Of Neem Leaves – Meaning

Dreaming of neem leaves is both negative and positive sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means some kind of interpretation in the near future. It also means you will have happy occasions or there will be puja or rituals. Dreams of neem leaves are also a warning sign about contagious diseases and you unable to go out of house for a short period. Dream of neem leaves and you are seen in the dream means you will have to bear someone or something for a short period so that you will have good results in future. Dreaming of neem leaves and you see other people mean success and there will be auspicious functions in family. Dreams of neem leaves and it is spread all over the place means opportunity to make wealth. Dreaming of plucking neem leaves means you will get food items in large quantity and will need to store them.

Dreaming Of Needles – Meaning

Dreaming of needles is a warning sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means accident in near future or you will get hurt by sharp or pointed objects. The dream also means you should not neglect small problems as they might cause damage. It also means even small things might disturb your peace. Dreams of needles also means you need to stay alert always and should not be careless or absent-minded especially while traveling and doing works. Dream of needles and you are seen handling it in the dream means you will get opportunity to mend a broken relationship. It also means repairing something that you thought was not reparable. Dreaming of needles and there is blood or it piercing a body is a sign of mishap it can be physical or mental. Dreams of needles and you are seen happy in the dream means you will rectify a mistake. It also means realizing a fault before others discovering it. Dream of needles and you are happy seeing it piercing a body means you will hav

Dreaming Of Hornets Nest – Meaning

Dreaming of hornets is a negative sign as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means you will face sudden attack from your enemies. It also means something you had collected for years together will be taken away from your forcibly. Dreams of hornets also mean you will face a hostile crowd. It is a warning sign and is asking you to cleverly protect your wealth and property. Dream of hornets and you are seen getting attacked by it means physical attack on you. It also means getting stung by poisonous animals or insects. Dreams of hornets and you are not seen in the dream means jealous colleague or friend will attempt spread rumors about you. It also means you will not realize when someone close to you is plotting against you. It also means someone occupying what rightly belongs to you. Dreaming of colorful hornets and you are simply watching them in the dream means you will need to be mentally prepared to face some unwanted visitors in your life.

6 October 2022 Tithi – Panchang – Hindu Calendar – Good Time – Nakshatra – Rashi

Tithi in Panchang – Hindu Calendar on Thursday, 6 October 2022 – It is Shukla Paksha Ekadashi tithi or the eleventh day during the waxing or light phase of moon in Hindu calendar and Panchang in most regions. It is Shukla Paksha Ekadashi tithi or the eleventh day during the waxing or light phase of moon till 8:52 AM on October 6. Then onward it is Shukla Paksha Dwadashi tithi or the twelfth day during the waxing or light phase of moon till 6:48 AM on October 7. (Time applicable in all north, south and eastern parts of India. All time based on India Standard Time.  Good – Auspicious time on October 6, 2022 as per Hindu Calendar – Good and auspicious time after 9:40 AM.  Nakshatra  – Dhanishta or Sravishta or Avittam nakshatra till 7:59 PM on October 6. Then onward it is Shatabhisha or Sadayam or Chathayam nakshatra till 6:46 PM on October 7. (Time applicable in north, south and eastern parts of India).  In western parts of India (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, north Karnataka a