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How To Do Navagraha Puja? – Rules To Perform Navagraha Puja At Home

Navagraha puja is the ritual for propitiating the nine planets. Here is a look at the rules to perform Navagraha puja at home and a simple method explaining how to do Navgraha puja. The materials required for the puja are turmeric powder, betel nuts and leaves, sandal paste, incense, camphor, plantains, coconuts, raisins, dates, saffron, honey, jaggery, sugar crystals, milk, curd, ghee, mango twigs, wooden planks and mats. Lighting an oil lamp, ringing bells, and taking a solemn vow to perform the puja mark the commencement of the ritual. Then a pitcher or water pot is consecrated by reciting a mantra for each devata (tutelary God) to be propitiated. The Gods Bhadra, Bala, Chanda, Jaya, Brahma, Kachhapa and Vishnu are invoked for protection of the directions – east, south, west, north, above, below and center respectively. As in any other puja, Vinayaka or Ganesha is invoked for the successful completion of the ritual. Afterwards, the sun and the other eight planets are invoked b

Kodakara Puthukavu Devi Temple

Kodakara Puthukavu Devi temple is located at Kodakara in Thrissur district, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathi or Devi. This is a small shrine with a chuttambalam and vatta sreekovil (round sanctum sanctorum). There are a couple of Upa Devatas in the shrine. Kal Vilakkukal are placed on all four sides of the temple. The shrine follows the traditional temple architecture of Kerala. The annual Thalappoli festival is held in Makara masam (January – February).

Power – Physical Strength In Yoga – Bala

Bala is the term used for strength or power in a physical, mental and spiritual sense with reference to Yoga. In the Yogasutra of Patanjali, the term bala occurs thrice. Maitryadisu balani (Yogasutra III.23) – By employing samyama on maitri and the rest the practitioner gets strength in these qualities. Thus the qualities gain excellence by yogic practice. Here it is mental power only. Baleshu hastyadini (Yogasutra III.24) – One acquires the strength of an elephant (and other powerful animals) by samyama (self control). This is a clear indication of the physical strength. But the point to be noted is that strength such is enormous and tremendous in the human body, but is lying dormant. It is also to be awakened by yogic practices. A clear indication of the mental power being the source of physical strength is given by the aphorism. The physical strength is referred to (Yogasutra III.47) but it is the result of samyama on various aspects of elements (Yogasutra III.47). Mental po

Dreaming Of Bees – Meaning – Dream Of Bees In The House

Meaning of dreaming of bees can be both good and bad depending on situation as per dream meaning and interpretation. Dreaming of bees in the house and you are happy means fulfillment desire but you will soon be unhappy again as you will want more of the same. Dreaming of bees attacking or causing harm means lost opportunity or loss of relationship due to other people. Dreaming of lot of bees and hives and you are thrilled or laughing means you will visit various different places but you will not stay at any of these places for long period. Dreaming of bees in the house and you are scared or wake up crying or are terrified means something in life might have been good in beginning but now it has become a headache and you just want to get rid of it. It also means you will be bored with a current relationship. You might just want it to end. Dreaming of bees stinging you mean you will face disappointment and bad luck. Dream of bees chasing you is a sign of hostile crowd or you might

Vivekachudamani - Wisdom Of Wisdom - Philosophy

A collection of philosophical thoughts and words of wisdom from Vivekachudamani. What greater fool is there than a person who, having obtained this rare human birth, together with bodily and mental strength, fail, through delusion, to realize their own highest good? Individuals may read and recite the scriptures, sacrifice to the gods, perform rituals, worship deities. Still, liberation will not occur, even after hundreds of millions of years, without a personal experience of one’s identity with the Self. The scriptures declare that there is no hope of immortality by means of wealth. Hence, it is clear that actions cannot be the cause of liberation. Therefore, giving up all desire for pleasures coming from external objects, let the wise person strive for liberation. Let such a person, in the prescribed manner, approach a Great One, who by their realization is to be equated with Truth, and become absorbed whole-heartedly in the Truth taught by him. Success depends

Dream Of Bathing With Soap And Sponge – Meaning

Dream of bathing with soap and sponge is a good dream if you are looking to make real changes to your life as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means that you will get a good opportunity to change your life both physically, emotionally and financially. But will need to drop a lot of baggage that you are carrying. You will need to throw out lot of unwanted relationships and ideas. The dream is asking you to come clean and start afresh. Drop all those things that are not adding any value to your life. Clean your life. Show the courage to make firm and good decisions. Dream of bathing with soap and sponge also means you might have a fall in something dirty. It also means things might be thrown at you intentionally or it can be unintentional. You might get dirty due to bad weather or animals.

Dreaming Of Beautiful Nature– Meaning

Dreaming of beautiful nature will bring positive changes in life as per dream interpretation and meaning. The meaning of beautiful nature is that the person will see relief to health issues, horoscope problems and also fear related problems. It is a sign asking you to get back to nature and feel the connection. Those who have dream of beautiful nature should go and visit nature or simply walk in the forest or among woods. Dreaming of beautiful nature and you wake up happy and content means that there will be success, peace and prosperity in life. It also means that you need to focus on life goals more seriously. If you dream of beautiful nature and then it turns violent means that you need to be careful with your actions towards nature and other living beings. Dreaming of nature and there is slight breeze or leaves falling means you will be entering into a new phase of life. Dreaming of beautiful nature along with birds, insects and animals is an invitation to join the spirit

28 December 2021 Tithi – Panchang – Hindu Calendar – Good Time – Nakshatra – Rashi

Tithi in Panchang – Hindu Calendar on Tuesday, 28 December 2021 – It is Krishna Paksha Navami tithi or the ninth day during the waning or dark phase of moon in Hindu calendar and Panchang in most regions. It is Krishna Paksha Navami tithi or the ninth day during the waning or dark phase of moon till 1:12 PM on December 28. Then onward it is Krishna Paksha Dasami tithi or the tenth day during the waning or dark phase of moon till 11:29 AM on December 29. (Time applicable in all north, south and eastern parts of India. All time based on India Standard Time.  Good – Auspicious time on December 28, 2021 as per Hindu Calendar – Good and auspicious time on the entire day.  Nakshatra  – Hasta or Atham or Hastam nakshatra till 12:56 AM on December 28. Then onward it is Chitra or Chithirai or Chithira nakshatra till 12:05 AM on December 29. (Time applicable in north, south and eastern parts of India).  In western parts of India (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, north Karnataka and south Rajas