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Uddanda Sastri – Author Of Kokila Sandesa

Uddanda Sastri was one of the eminent poets in the court of King Manavikrama of Kozhikode in North Kerala during the 15 th century CE. He is the author of the famous literary work known as Kokila Sandesa. Uddanda Sastri was held in high esteem by the scholarly world of Kerala of his time. The original name of Uddanda Sastri was Irugapanatha. Uddanda was a title bestowed on him later. He hailed from Latapura, a well known village then in present day Tamil Nadu. Highly enterprising and versatile as a youth, Uddanda traveled extensively, seeking literary patronage. King Manavikrama of Kozhikode received him cordially and retained him for several years as an honored member of his court. He travelled all over Kerala, visiting temples and making scholarly contacts The famous literary works of Uddanda Sastri are Kokila Sandesha, a high-flown lyrical poem, and the drama Mallika Marutam in ten acts. A third work, Swatimuktam, in fifty verses, eulogizes Princes Swati of the kingdom of Pural

Vasudeva – Story Of Father Of Krishna

Vasudeva, father of Sri Krishna, was the son of Sura and Marisa of the celebrated Yadava clan. He had a sister, Pritha, better known as Kunti later on. He was married to Devaki, daughter of Devaka, born in the equally illustrious Mahabhoja lineage. Kamsa, Devaki’s brother, acting as charioteer of her marriage chariot, heard an aerial voice – “O arrogant one, Devaki’s eighth issue has been destined as your slayer!” Kamsa, filled with fury and scared, rushed to Devaki to kill her in order to prevent the prophecy from becoming true. Vasudeva, however, intervened and implored him to spare Devaki but on the condition that all her infants, as and when born, would be immediately handed over to him. Kamsa reluctantly accepted the entreaties of Vasudeva, but imprisoned and fettered them both. Accordingly, Kamsa killed the six first born children of Devaki and Vasudeva. The seventh was Balarama who was transferred to the womb of Rohini in Gokul. When Krishna was about to be born to evade Kam

Real Misery Is Not Having Faith In Ourselves And Losing Hope

Materialistic life is never permanent. If we have chosen to live in society and have a family life, then twists and turns are part of it. In some turns we might get happiness and in another turn unhappiness. Social and family life is not a straight road of happiness. There will be bumps and accidents. The roads and the scenes keep changing. Develop A Good Life Shock Absorber We need to develop a good shock absorber to overcome these accidents and bumps. The best shock absorber we can have is knowledge – true knowledge found in Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Yoga Vasishta, Bhagwat Puran etc. The problem with the people on the road of life is that they never make use of these shock absorbers, which is readily available, and for free. Some only take it up when they near the end of the journey. Some only after they meet with some serious accidents. So if you are having a social and family life, whether it is good or bad, pick up these shock absorbers and install them. You will not be dis