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Who Is The Boy Narrating Ramayana Before Huge Crowd?

The boys narrating Ramayana before the huge crowd in Ayodhya are Luv and Kush – sons of Rama and Mata Sita. Sita lives in the ashram of Valmiki. She teaches them archery and other sciences. Valmiki teaches them Ramayana, the story of Sri Rama. This story is later narrated by Luv and Kush in Ayodhya before a huge crowd. This incident is found in the Bala Khanda of Valmiki Ramayana.

Any Particular Day To Go To Balaji - Day Of Week To Visit Venkateshwara Temple

Darshan at Balaji temple is one of the most desired and cherished moment for any Venkateswara devotee. So many devotees have this doubt as to there is any particular day to go to Balaji temple at Tirumala Tirupati or in temples in any part of the world. Saturday is the most auspicious day dedicated to Balaji as per South Indian belief. Thursday is another auspicious day for visiting the shrine as the day is dedicated to Bhagavan Srihari Vishnu. Another auspicious date to visit Balaji as per some communities in Wednesday. This is because the day is dedicated to Krishna and also auspicious for learning and other purposes.

Gandhari in Mahabharata - Story of Queen Gandhari

In the Mahabharata, Gandhari is the queen of Hastinapura, wife of Dhritarashtra and the mother of the Kauravas. According to Adi Parva chapter 110 of the Mahabharata, when she heard that her husband was blind from birth, she wrapped a thick band of cloth over her eyes so she could not see. The name Gandhari because she was the princess of Gandhara. Sage Vyasa blessed Gandhari that she would have one hundred sons. Although she got pregnant, she did not deliver for two years. When she heard the news that Kunti, wife of Pandu, had given birth to a son, in sheer despair and jealousy she hit her womb so hard that a big mass of flesh came out. On advice of Sage Vyasa, the mass of flesh was cut into 100 pieces and deposited in jars of ghee. The remaining pieces were put in an additional jar. In due course, 100 sons, and a daughter Dushala came out of the jars. When her sons grew up, she noticed their wrong doings and their animosity for Pandavas. However, she remained silent. Sh

Guru Dosh Nivaran – Mantra – Guru Dosha Remedies In Hindu Astrology

Life is measured in terms of success and wealth in our society. When things do not happen as per our desire, we turn to horoscope and astrology. Guru or Brihaspati Navagraha is the associated with success and luck. Bad positioning of the planet Guru in horoscope will result in bad luck. Here is look at various Guru dosh nivaran options along with mantra. The best way to overcome troubles related to Guru Navagraha is through the worship of Bhagavan Vishnu especially on Thursday. Guru Dosh Nivaran – Mantra Those suffering from Guru Dosh should take bath in a bucket of water mixed with small amount of turmeric. This should be done on a Thursday.  The person should then offer prayers to Ganesha in mind. The devotee should then wear yellow color dress. Sit on a yellow color seat facing east and offer prayers to Lord Vishnu. Light a lamp using pure cow ghee. The person should chant the mantra ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय " (om namo bhagavate vasudevaya)108 times. After the chanti

Always Be True To One’s Feelings

Be what you are. Do not pretend to be someone that you are not. Happiness will elude you if you pretend to be someone that you are not. Avoid pretending for short-term gains.  If you start a relationship by pretending, then soon there will be huge problems in that relationship. Trying new things and expressing oneself is good. But it should not be at the cost of one’s individuality. Borrowing styles from people and following it blindly will only make us a laughing stock. Always be true to one’s self and one’s feelings. www.hindu-blog.com Abhilash Rajendran ............................................ Wisdom From Readings Bhagavan Ramana says, "Those who do not seek the knowledge of the significance of life are simply wasting their lives." How do do we go about it? Bhagavan says, "Begin now." Bhagavan Ramana says that if you begin by being smaller than the smallest, then you will know greater than the greatest. Tamil Saint Avvaiyar, "What we h