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Story Of Kumaradhara Theertham Waterfall In Tirupati

Kumaradhara Theertham in Tirupati is associated with a miracle of Bhagavan Venkateswara. The popular story has it that the Kumaradhara Theertham waterfall transformed an old man into a sixteen year old youth. Once, a learned man who was old and blind built a hermitage over Sri Venkatachala with the help of his son and was living in it. One day he was wandering around with his son Kaundinya and went far away from their hermitage. The son asked his father to take rest under a tree; in the meantime he will spot the way back to hermitage and get back to him soon. After waiting for sometime the old man began to shout loudly. Hearing the shouts of the old man a young swami came near him. “Old man! For whom are you searching? Nobody is found in the vicinity” said young swami to old man. “I am searching for my son. Who will come to my rescue now?” said the old man. For the hapless, God alone is the Saviour!” said young swami. “Old Man! You seem to have reached the last stage o

Aham-Vritti In Hinduism - I thought

In Sanskrit Aham means I and Vritti means Thought. Aham–vritti: ‘I thought’, the thought that ‘I am an individual limited to my body-mind’, the sense of ego or simply the ‘I’. Our life experiences rotate through the relentless cycle of three states – waking, dream and deep sleep. We feel that we are an individual, ‘I’, limited to our body-mind complex, in waking and dream states. Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi calls this sense of ego as ‘I thought’. This ‘I thought’ is absent in deep sleep. Sri Ramana Maharshi defines mind as thoughts. Of all thoughts, the ‘I thought’ is the root thought. Hence mind is nothing but this ‘I’. The world appears in waking and dream along with the mind and disappears in deep sleep when the mind disappears. Thus we can conclude the world is a projection of the mind. Diverse thoughts appear and disappear sequentially in our mind. All these thoughts are known by ‘I’. There can be no thought without this ‘I thought’ since they are known by ‘I’. But ‘I thou

Individuality Is Mistaken Notion - The Sound Of Silence

The greatness of the human being lies not in its obsession to become distinct or separate, but in its innate pull to converge with the universe and merge with the Real. Partly the problem with the notion of individuality is that it is a mistaken notion. Instead of seeing oneself as identical with the Real, we generally see ourselves as limited in space and time. Self-abnegation is an important goal of all faith traditions and that can be achieved only by opening oneself to interactions with different belief systems. It also truly leads one to greatness by becoming part of a greater collective. Even the mental strength of such a person increases manifold. When one is intent on maintaining one’s distinctions and goes out of the way to appear as unique and different from others, it is difficult or well-nigh impossible to have a deep understanding of others’ wisdom. Source - Prabuddha Bharata editorial Sept 2016 The Sound Of Silence As we live and work in the world of noise, w