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Jaya Durga Mantra In English And Hindi

Jaya Durga mantra is used especially for propitiating the weapons. It is believed that a person will achieve success in the endeavor if the person chants the Jaya Durga mantra before leaving home. The mantra is chanted from the first Friday of a month and continued till the desire is fulfilled. Some devotees do the mantra for lifetime. Chanting the mantra is believed to protect the equipments used for work. Using the equipments will result in prosperity and career progress. Jaya Durga Mantra Kalabrabam kadakyshrrikulbayadam Moulibandedhurekham Shankam chakram kripanam trishighmapi Karairudvahantheem trinetram Simhaskandadhiroodaam tribhuvanmakilam Tejassa poorayanthem Dhyanadhurgam jayakhyam tridashaparivritham Sevitam sidhisamkhaiym कलाबरभाम काड्डक्षरिकुलाभयदाम  मौलिबंधेड़न्दुरेकाम  शंकम चक्रं कृपणं त्रिशिघ्मपि  करिरुद्वाहनतीं त्रिनेत्रं  सिंहस्कंददातिरुद्दाम त्रिभुवनमखिलं  तेजसा पुरयनदीम  ध्यायेदुर्गम जयगयं तृशपरिवृतं  सेवितं सिधसांखयिम 

Use of Glass and Rock Salt in Home to Remain Wealthy

In several Hindu homes in many regions, people keep rock salt in a glass tumbler. The glass tumbler with salt is kept in the southwest direction ( नैऋत्य कोण ). It is believed that keeping a glass filled with water and rock salt helps in remaining wealthy. Such homes will always have the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi. Jyeshta Lakshmi will not enter the house and therefore there will be no poverty. The tumbler should be made of crystal or glass – metals should not be used. The glass tumbler should be filled ¼th with rock salt. Then water should be poured up to ½ or ¾th. This should be kept in a southwest direction. You should make sure that the tumbler should not be accidentally hit. Water in the tumbler should not spill in your home. A small red light should be lit near the tumbler. When the water in the glass evaporates, it should be cleaned and refilled.

Jada – Long Hair Of Shiva In Hinduism

Shiva is known as Jada-dhari – one with long matted-hair. Sap of banyan tree is mixed with bhasma and applied oh hair and then spun to make Jadain Hinduism. The name jada is because the hair is intertwined. All Sannyasis and Rishis of ancient Hindu world had jada. Growing jada was an important aspect of sainthood and Puranas glorify such holy saints. Even today many men and women grow jada as part of Shiva worship. The Jada of Shiva is known as Kapardam. It is red in color. As per Varaha Purana, all the mountains, rivers, seas and oceans in the world is represented in the jada of Shiva. It is believed that they all rise in the jada of Shiva.

Qualities of Lord Rama

The qualities of Bhagavan Sri Ram are found in the opening chapter of the Valmiki Ramayana. He is self-controlled in his soul and immensely valorous. He knows about Dharma and what has been done. He is truthful in his words and firm in his vows. He possesses good conduct and is engage in the welfare of all creatures. He is learned and capable. He is the handsome one. He is eloquent, famous and full of learning. He has control over his own self and has conquered anger. He is radiant and is devoid of jealousy. When his anger is aroused in a battle, even the Devas are scared of. He is the destroyer of enemies. He is radiant, possesses fortitude and is capable of controlling. His intelligence is unparalleled and follows good policy. He is firm in adhering to the truth and is devoted to the welfare of the subjects. He is pure, controlled and has restrained himself. He knows the truth of the Vedas and Vedangas and is skilled in Dhanurveda. He knows the truth about all

Realizing Supreme Truth In Hinduism

We always hear about Supreme Truth in Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma). Self-realization or knowing the supreme truth is a constant topic in spirituality. True knowledge is Supreme Truth. In simple terms, Supreme Truth or Supreme soul is what we call god. As per Sanatana Dharma, God appears is various forms. Unimaginable and innumerable are the forms of God. There is no end to the characteristics of That. If we attempt to focus on various forms, we will be exhausted and this will result in suffering. Therefore, we need to get out of the trap of going after forms. Instead, we should be focusing the reason or cause of all these forms. When we do this, ignorance will be removed. We will then see the single source of energy shining in all forms. This single source is Supreme Truth or Supreme Soul or God or Krishna or Vishnu or Shiva or Devi… This realization results in permanent bliss or self-realization. www.hindu-blog.com Abhilash In Hinduism, the realization of the Supreme Truth, often