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Do Your Duty - Story From Hinduism

Do your duty or dharma without fear or selfishness irrespective of the environment, or situation is an important teaching in Hinduism. This aspect is explained beautifully through the below story. A saint was taking a bath in a river. His disciple was sitting on the bank of the river watching the saint and taking care of his belongings. The saint’s belongings were a mala (prayer beads) and a bowl for drinking water and begging. A scorpion came floating by, struggling for survival. The saint put his hand under it so that it could sit and be safe. He started moving toward the riverbank to release it. After a minute the scorpion had dried up a little from the warmth of the hand and it felt alive again. It lifted its tail and stung the hand of the saint. Although it was painful, the saint did not throw the animal off. He kept it in his hand and continued walking. Even when the scorpion stung again the saint did not throw it off. He waited until he reached the riverb