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Popular Disease Gods And Goddesses In Hinduism

Hinduism firmly believes that all that is present in the universe emanates from a Single Source. So when human beings are helpless against diseases which they themselves have unleashed by harming Mother Nature, they turn to the Single Supreme source for help. The name gods and goddess depending on the nature of the crisis or disease they are facing. Sheetala Devi – She is the goddess of smallpox, chicken pox, mumps and other similar communicable diseases. She is the cool one. A winnowing fan is her crown. She rides a donkey. She holds a short broom and pot of cold water. Ashwins or Ashwini Kumars – Gods of Medicine in Sanatana Dharma from time immemorial. Vaidyanath – Shiva the greatest physician and healer. Jwarasura – He appeared from an angry Shiva who heard about the death of Goddess Sati in Daksha Yagna. He is the god of fever. Olaichandi – She is the goddess worshipped in Bengal during cholera outbreak. Jari Mari – She is associated with fever an

Kala Bhairava Worship In Rajasthan

There is a strong presence of Bhairava cult in Rajasthan. Practically in every village of Rajasthan, under the Shami tree, an image or symbol of Bhairava is found. At the time of Durga Puja Bhairava along with his dog is worshiped first. When a son is born, supposedly by the grace of Bhairava, he is named after him as Bhairon Singh, Bhauridan, Bhairubaksha etc. Bhairava of Malasi is quite prominent. It is believed that his influence works on new born babies. Generally virgins are desisted from visiting Bhairava temple. If a virgin, before her marriage, takes the prasada of Bhairava she must then visit Bhairava temple after her marriage to offer him worship. Bhairava, in Rajasthan, is also considered as deity of cremation ground. The members of Bhopa community, before moving out for seeking alms, visit cremation ground and offer worship to him. Jains and Muslims also worship Bhairava. Instead of mean and liquor Jains offer him fruits. Muslims worship him as Yati Bhai

Samarth Ramdas On Kala Bhairava Worship

Great Marathi Saint and poet of 17 th century Samarth Ramdas composed an aarti in honor of Kala Bhairava and enumerated some his forms such as Kala Bhairava, Bal Bhairava, Tol Bhairava and Batu Bhairava. In the Arati, Samarth Ramdas states that Bhairo destroys different kinds of evil (vicar). Kala Bhairava according to him is above Kala himself. Ramdas describes him not only as Mahakala but also as Kshetrapala, guardian deity of the region. This proves that at the time of Ramdas, Bhairava was quite a prominent deity in many regions in Maharashtra. In Pune, Peshwas constructed a shrine in honor of Kala Bhairava. It is believed by some scholars that deities such as Sri Mangesh, Ravalnath are forms of Bhairava. Samarth Ramdas in a verse says that the deity of north had come to south and obliged his devotees by killing demon Ratnasur.

Talk About Emotional Crisis – We All Are Suffering From It

We worry more about physical health; we take medicine for even a slight fever, pain or a headache. But do we give half of that attention to our mental health? We need to accept the fact that many a time our emotional health needs attention and proper care. We all are suffering due to poor mental health. What constitutes mental health crisis? Sadness Lack of interest Unexplained mood swings and bad behavior Fatigue Feelings of negativity and doom Lack of purpose in life Irritation and anger Crying without no reason Always pessimistic Insecurity Fear of future Lack of trust Constant fear Feeling of guilt Living in the past Hopelessness Helplessness Am worthless Self harm Self abuse Lack of purpose Procrastination Untidy and lack of cleanliness Living in unhygienic conditions A combination of one or more of above condition is known as depression. It can be mild, moderate or severe. What are the direct causes of depression? High expectations from