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Shivling In The shape Of Egg - Symbolism And Meaning

Some Shivlings are in the shape of an egg especially the Banalinga. God as per Hindu concept is formless and That can only be represented symbolically. Shivling in the shape of egg is one such form. Here is a look at the symbolism and meaning of Shivling in the shape of egg. Symbolically the egg-shaped Shivling represents the universe. It is divided into two halves sky and earth. The egg is also considered the source of life in which both male and female forms are united. The Shivling shaped like an egg represents the ‘Brahmanda' - the ever expanding cosmos. It also explains that the creator and the creation are one and the same. Shivling represents known and unknown cosmos and the cosmos, in turn, being represented as a cosmic egg in Hindu scriptures. Again an egg is an ellipsoid depicting with no beginning, nor end.

Story of Hastinapur in the Mahabharata

Hastinapur (also mentioned as Hastinapura) in the Mahabharata is the capital of the Kurus. The city is first mentioned in the Adi Parva of the Mahabharata. The important events in the Mahabharat took place in the city and power struggle for its throne is the main theme. The city was situated on an old bed of Ganga River known as Budhi Ganga. Name Hastinapur The popular belief is that the name Hastinapur might have come from Hastin, a little-known ancestor of the Pandavas. Some scholars are of the view that Hastin is another name for Puru. The meaning Hastinapur translates as the city of elephants. It is widely believed that wild elephants roamed in the region (present Punjab – Haryana states in India). Perhaps the name indicates this wildlife phenomenon. A constant and recurring theme in the Mahabharata is the claim to the throne of Hastinapur. This is seen even before the arrival of the Pandavas and Kauravas. Several kings in the lineage faced this dilemma. Ability

Gaudiya Math History – The Journey of Gaudiya Math to International Society of Krishna Consciousness

Gaudiya Math was first established by Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura (1874 to 1937) to spread Gaudiya Vaishnavism in 1918. The first Math (mutt or ashram) was called Uri Chaitanya Matha and was established in Mayapur, Bengal, India. With the help of his intimate disciples and sheer hard work, several other Mathas came into existence. The history of Gaudiya Math is the journey of the Math to the present International Society of Krishna Consciousness. Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura was the son of Bhaktivinoda Thakura, the scholar and saint, who revitalized Gaudiya Vaishnavism in Bengal in the late 19th Century AD. To fulfill the desire of his father to spread Gaudiya Vaishnavism to every town and village of the world, Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura established the Gaudiya Math. Through Gaudiya Math activities, Gaudiya Vaishnavism in its purest form was spread throughout undivided India. In a span on nineteen years, 64 Gaudiya Mathas, as they came to be called, were s

Ten Reasons In Hindu Astrology To Worship Shiva To Overcome Problems In Life

If you are a follower of Hindu astrology, you might have realized that worship of Shiva is mentioned as a solution for all problems in life including the bad position of planets in the horoscope. Here are 10 reasons why worship of Shiva helps in overcoming all troubles in life. Shiva is considered as the father of all knowledge. He is the beginning and end of Tantra to Mantra, from Yog to Samadhi. All knowledge rise and fall in him. He is the god among gods – Mahadev. He is Pashupati - the Lord of All Living Beings. Kaal or time is under his control and therefore he is Mahakaal. He is the Guru, or Teacher, of Devas (demigods) and Asuras (demons). He is the father of Ganapati who is worshipped first in the universe. He is the husband of Mother Goddess Jagadamba. He burned Kamdev into ashes and therefore he is Kameshwar. He carries Ganga and Chandra (moon) on his head. Poison does not affect him as he is Neelkantha. Snakes play on his body. Hanuman is his amsha avatar and

Relationship We No Longer Want – End It Amicably

There are relationships we no longer want but to just ignore that person is cowardly. We need to learn to end relationships amicably. There are numerous reasons for not wanting a relationship and you have every right to end a relationship. But if you choose not to end it with a proper goodbye, then it simply states that you have no feelings. There is anger in relationships and sometimes it goes to the level of contempt. We do not even want to tell the person why we have decided to end the relationship. The idea is to take revenge on the other person by ignoring, causing sleepless nights and pain. But if we are constantly thinking about taking revenge then we are causing harm to ourselves. We can do it in a positive way by telling them on their face how mean and hurtful they have been. This will take the negative energy out of us. It is over. No one wants to say the actual words because it is so brutal. When a relationship is not working, we start talking in circles and both i