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Bhairava – As Deity Worshiped By Gamblers

It is believed that Bhairava manifestation of Shiva was worshiped by gamblers as the deity to give them luck and success in gambling. The form of Bhairava worshiped by gamblers was naked with three eyes and he placed his head on his knee in despair. It is believed that Shiva took this form after losing moon, elephant and elephant hide to Goddess Parvati in a game of dice. This form of Bhairava was only left with jata (matted locks), bhasma (ash) and kapal (skull). He has smeared his body with ash and eats from skull. But even in this state Bhairava protects and feeds the living beings in the universe. Gamblers often ask for forgiveness from Bhairava for gambling. Gamblers compare the three eyes of Bhairava with the three pieces of dice. Bhairava as deity of gamblers is mentioned in the Kathasaritsagara written by Pandit Somadeva between 1063 to 1081 AD. But Kathasaritsagara is based on a much earlier work, Brihatkatha of Gunadhya written in Paishachi language

Ambarnath Shiv Mandir – Ambarnath Shiva Temple Near Mumbai

Ambarnath Shiv Mandir near Mumbai is both famous as an architectural marvel as well spiritually and religiously important place. Ambarnath Shiva Temple is famous for its wish fulfillment deity. Many devotees suffering from ailments, those desirous of having children; those wanting to recover lost people or lost objects; and others having some unfulfilled desires visit the shrine. For some, the visit to this temple is for moksha or liberation. Ambarnath Shiva Temple is a classic example of the fantastic architectural and structural achievements of the 10th century craftsmen. The temple is around 3 kilometer away from Ambernath Railway Station and is built on an east-west axis. Ambarnath Shiv Mandir History Upon the beam above the inside of the north door of the hall is engraved an inscription which records in Sakha 982 (1060 AD) this temple was built during the reign of the Silsahara Chief Mummuni or Manvani. This temple was probably rebuilt on an original at the same s

Powerful Goddess Sita Mantra

Mata Sita is Goddess Lakshmi. She is one who can fulfill all the desires of a devotee. There is a powerful mantra associated with Goddess Sita and it is found in the Padma Purana. It is believed that chanting the mantra and offering prayers to Mata Sita alleviates all forms of difficulties. She helps in securing happiness and good luck. The powerful mool mantra is: श्री रामाय नम : श्री सीतायै नम : Shri Ramaya Namah: Shri Seetaya Namah: When prayers are offered to Mata Sita, a devotee first offers prayers to Lord Ram. There is a popular belief that when Mata Sita is happy, Bhagavan Sri Ram is also happy. Thus, a devotee gets the blessings of the divine couple. Mother Sita is the mother of all living beings in the universe. She is the source of all energy. Everything being is nourished through Her. It is believed that when the tail of Hanuman was set on fire by Ravana in Lanka, he chanted this mantra and it protected him. He did not feel any pain and he did not

Sun Remedies in Hindu Astrology – Surya Dosh Nivaran As Per Lal Kitab

One of the most important sun remedies as per Hindu astrology is to offer prayers to Surya on Sunday and chant Gayatri Mantra daily facing the rising sun. Other surya dosh nivaran as per Lal Kitab are throwing handful of jaggery or wheat into river for 43 consecutive days. Items that can be donated for quick relief include wheat, red copper and jaggery. Anyone of the above said items should be donated for 43 days without break to a poor person, or to a temple or sacred place or thrown into a river. You can also observe puja and prayers dedicated to Vishnu on all days. Wearing red color dress and planting trees and plants on Sundays are considered meritorious.

Importance Of Self Surrender In Hinduism

Sri Ramakrishna has talked on many occasions about the importance of self surrender. It is an important aspect of Hinduism. Two things are necessary for the realization of God; faith and self-surrender. God certainly provides everything for the man who totally surrenders himself to Him. Surrender yourself completely to God, and set aside all such things as fear and shame. He who has surrendered his body, mind, and innermost self to God is surely a holy man. God incarnates Himself as man and teaches people the path of devotion. He exhorts people to cultivate self-surrender to God. Following the path of devotion, one realizes everything through His grace. Who can ever know God? I don’t even try. I only call on Him as Mother. Let Mother do whatever She likes. I shall know Her if it is Her will; but I shall be happy to remain ignorant if She wills otherwise. My nature is that of a kitten. It only cries, ‘Mew, mew!’ The rest it leaves to its mother. The mother cat puts the ki