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Twelve Important Names Of Lord Vishnu - Benefits Of Chanting - When And How

Twelve Important Names of Lord Vishnu, which should be remembered and chanted daily, are: Keshava Narayana Madhava Govinda Vishnu Madhusudana Trivikrama Vamana Sridhara Hrishikesha Padmanabha and Damodara. When to Chant the names of Vishnu? Daily morning after taking bath. It is meritorious to chant the names 108 times on Thursday. Chant the names on the 11th day of the fortnight (Ekadasi) as many times as you can. Special merits are earned if the names are chanted in Vaishakh month (April - May) and during Purushottam Maas (the extra month in a Hindu calendar) Benefits of Chanting the 12 names of Vishnu Sin redemption - all the sins committed in this birth and previous births will be washed away. Desire fulfillment. To perform well in exams and interviews. Students should wake up early in the morning and chant the 12 names a time and then start studying. You will easily understand the lessons. To overcome bad luck. The chanting helps in achievi

Story – Yaksha Blessing Impotent Man With Potency In Tantra

The story of Yaksha blessing impotent man with potency is found in the 6 th Taranga of Navama Lambaka of Kathasaritsagara. This story shows that Yaksha fulfilled the wishes of humans and acquired the wrath of higher beings. In the city of Surpur there lived a king named Surasen. He had a very beautiful daughter named Vidyadhari. When king Surasen came to know that Prabhakar, the son of king Vimal, was equally handsome he wished to give his daughter to him in marriage. When king Vimal came to know about this he sent a messenger to king Surasen and asked for the hand of his beautiful daughter for his son. The marriage ritual was completed with pomp and show. Vidyadhari, the bride, reached the kingdom of her husband. On the first night, she saw Prabhakar disinterested in sex. She was immensely surprised. She tested him and found him to be impotent. Vidyadhari spent the night in distress and in the morning sent a letter to her father and accused him of giving her

Goddess Ashapura – Story Of Maa Ashapura Devi Of Matanamadh

Goddess Ashapura, a powerful manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti, is closely associated with Goddess Amba who is worshipped in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The main temple dedicated to Maa Ashapura Devi is located at Matanamadh in Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. Story of Ashapura Mata One of the most popular stories of Goddess Ashapura is associated with a trader named Devchand, a Karad Vania. The trader was an ardent devotee of Goddess Amba. He did not have any children. Once during a navratri he was traveling through Rann of Kutch. He was fasting and he stopped at a particular spot and slept. That night he had a dream in which Goddess Amba asked him to build a temple for her in the spot. She told him that that he will find a coconut and chundri on the spot where the temple is to be built. Mother Goddess also told him not to open the door for six months after the temple was built. She told him that she would make her presence felt inside the shrine during the six months.

Powerful Mantra For Happy Married Life – Secret Navagraha Chandra Mantra

Navagraha Chandra is associated with peace, beauty and auspiciousness. There is also powerful secret mantra dedicated to Chandra, which helps in having a happy married life. This highly effective mantra can be chanted by both married men and women. The mantra is: ॐ सों सोमाय नम : ।   Om Som Somaya Nama: If you have noticed, some of the famous vrats and pujas performed by married women end with the sighting of moon. Moon is a secret deity who can bring back love and warmth into your years of married life. How to chant the mantra? The mantra should be chanted in the evening after the sighting of the moon. You should wear white color dress. The mantra should be chanted using a Sphatik Mala. It should be chanted 108 times. You can prepare white kheer or payasm (any sweet in white color) on the day.

True We Are Made To Feel Inadequate In Some Way Or The Other But Suicide - Depression Is Not The Solution

We allow ourselves to be made to feel inadequate in some way or the other and end up committing suicide or suffer depression. But both of these methods are not the solution to the problem. It is true from childhood, we are made to feel imperfect. Our body, our dress, the things we own, our language, everything…is not up to the mark. The only thing we are not bothered about is our mind and thoughts because no one cares about them. We are knowingly or unknowingly taught to impress. Soon all our energy and thoughts are focused on impressing and we forget what we really like or need. We no longer know what we are comfortable in life with. Daily we compare our life with that of others and think we are inadequate. Television, social media and internet make us believe that we are imperfect. Actually, we do not really know what is perfect. What the crowd approves is perfect today. A fake but intelligent advertising campaign can make anything perfect and we are ever ready to buy i