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Kumaras – Mind Born Sons Of Brahma

Kumaras are great teachers who are frequently mentioned in Hindu scriptures. They are known as the mind born sons of Brahma. The kumaras are Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana and Sanat Kumara. They attained the highest spiritual knowledge and so they were eternally five year olds. Kumaras are the greatest gyanis, yogis and bhaktas. They lead a life of renunciation. They can travel anywhere by merely wishing. They arrive on earth to give lessons in dharma to human beings. Immersed in Brahman they keep on chanting the names of Bhagwan Shri Hari Vishnu Though looking life five year olds; You are the eldest of the eldest, the great grand ancestors of the great grand ancestors. Vaikunta, the highest Heaven, the spiritual realm, your abode. Recitation of the glories of the Lord is Your only food. (Sage Narada about Kumaras in the Padma Purana). The five year old symbolically means that the sages are innocent and pure without any ego. It is believed that they had once cursed Jaya

Story – Vedic Chants Heard When Baby Krishna Was Carried To Gokul From Prison

Krishna was born at midnight in the prison of Kamsa to Vasudeva and Devaki. There is a lesser known story which suggests that Vedic Chants were heard while little Sri Krishna was carried by Vasudeva from prison to Gokul. This story is also associated with Garuda, the vehicle of Vishnu. When Krishna was born at midnight, not a soul in the entire prison and palace of Kamsa was awake. The divine event was only witnessed by Vasudeva and Devaki. As per the divine plan, Vasudeva was to carry baby Krishna to the house of Nandagopa and Yashoda in Gokul. He had to return back with the baby that was born to Nandagopa and Yashoda. The prison doors opened by itself. It was raining heavily, Adi Sesha provided canopy and the path was lit by the light from the gems on the head of the divine serpent. Yamuna parted to give way to Vasudeva. It is said that the moment Sri Krishna was born Vedic chants was heard and it continued till Vasudeva reached the house of Mata Yashoda in Gokul

Ghanta - Bells In Hinduism – The Symbolism

Ghanta, or Bells, in Hinduism symbolizes nadabrahmam or the absolute being conceived as sound. It reverberates the sound of ‘om.’It is symbolically the preparation of the mind to receive holy thoughts and drive away bad thoughts. Goddess Saraswati resides in the tongue of the bell. Brahma on the face; Rudra on the belly, and Vasuki on the stem. The handle of bell denotes pranashakti (vital force) and is represented by Garuda, Chakra, Hanuman, Nandi or Vrishabha. The entire body of the bell signifies the divinity of time. It is also believed that using bells carrying the insignia of Gods and Goddesses mitigates fear about birth and death. The bell is to awaken the devotee who is entering the temple. The mind of the devotee is preoccupied with numerous thoughts. So just before entering the temple we ring the bell to keep the mind focused on the deity. The ringing of bells is an invitation to gods and the resonance produce is believed to drive away negative forces or de

Swami Vibudhesha Teertha Quotes on Environment Protection in Hindu Religion

Swami Vibudhesha Teertha Quotes on Environment Protection in Hindu Religion Hindu religion wants its followers to live a simple life. It does not allow people to go on increasing their material wants. People are meant to learn to enjoy spiritual happiness, so that to derive a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment, they need not run after material pleasures and disturb nature’s checks and balances. They have to milk a cow and enjoy, not cut at the udder of the cow with greed to enjoy what is not available in the natural course. According to Hindu religion, “dharanath dharma ucyate”—that which sustains all species of life and helps to maintain harmonious relationship among them is dharma. That which disturbs such ecology is adharma. There is no life that is inferior. All lives enjoy the same importance in the Universe and all play their fixed roles. They are to function together and no link in the chain is to be lost.