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Sankha Madhava Form Of Lord Vishnu

Sankha Madhava form of Lord Vishnu is associated with Maya or illusion that keeps a human being perpetually in the cycle of birth and death. Sankha Madhava is the king of Maya and his worship helps a devotee in attaining moksha or liberation. As per Hindu belief, the aim of all living beings is to escape from the cycle of birth and death. Sankha Madhava Mantra Om Shankha Choodaya Madhavaya Hari Namah It is believed that at the time of dissolution of the universe, Shankh Madhava encircles the entire area of the confluence of Ganga, Saraswati and Yamuna with waters of a conch shell. It is said that when Sankha Madhava blows on his conch, the devotees become free from maya (the power of delusion).

Shivratri Puja – How to do Mahashivaratri Puja?

Shivaratri, or Mahashivratri, is the night of Shiva and one of the most auspicious days dedicated to Lord Shiva. The day and night is for devotion and prayer to Siva. Maha Shivratri is the day when prayers and worship are given more importance. There is no fun or merrymaking as in other Hindu festivals. Here is a simple method to perform Shivratri Puja. Always remember that the origin of Shivratri is traced to a hunter who was an ardent Shiva Bhakta and in a critical situation he unknowingly washed a Shivalingam with his tears and unknowingly offered Bilva leaves . So what is important is devotion and not complicated rituals. Requirements for Shivratri Puja An image, picture or idol of Shiva. Or a Shivalingam. Bilva Leaves Water Other normal puja items like lamp etc Prayers for Shivratri You can chant any one or more of the prayers dedicated to Lord Shiva or simply chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya.’ Fasting on Shivratri Most people fast for the ent

Madhuparka In Hinduism

Madhuparka is a ceremony in Hinduism in which curd mixed with honey is offered to a guest. Offering of madhuparka to a guest or receiving the guest with madhuparka is considered the highest form of reception in Hindu religion. Madhuparka finds reference in early Hindu literature like Nirukta of Yaska and Jaiminiya Arseya Brahmana, besides Kalpasutra. There are differences of opinion among authorities as to the ingredients mixed in madhuparka. According to Apastamba, curd and honey are mixed in a bronze or other vessel. According to commentators, honey can be mixed with milk, too. But it must necessarily be covered by a bronze lid bigger than the container. Apastamba is also of the opinion that some people add ghee (clarified butter) to these two and there are others who had grains and saktu (a flour preparation) to it (Apastamba Grihya Sutra (13.10-12). Officiating priests in Soma rituals, one’s acharya, a king, a person who completes Vedic studies and returns from t

On The Light Of God – Dadi Janki

God has so many beautiful qualities: peace, joy, love, purity, strength, truth… I have always wanted to have the same attributes in my own life; however, despite my devotion to God for all those years, those qualities were difficult to cultivate, and instead I harbored a lot of fear, attachment, and worry. Yet, as soon as I had that moment of recognition, as soon as I said, “God, I belong to you,” it was as if those godly qualities started to emerge within me and my negative tendencies began to leave – I simply no longer claimed ownership of them. When I talk about seeing the Light of God, I do not mean seeing a flash of light. When the third eye of wisdom opens, it is also called light – the light of knowledge and the light of understanding. That light allowed me to remember – that is, to recognize – my own true self and my own true parent. Experiencing the light of God means having a sense of recognition – something inside you shifts. An understanding from deep within