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Great Hindus – Importance Of Sesame Oil And Seeds In Hinduism

Vedas mention Sesame seeds as the seed of immortality (sorry secularists it is not myth). Along with desi cow ghee and coconut oil, Sesame oil is most widely used in Ayurveda. Modern science has calculated the various components in Sesame oil. The great Hindus of the Vedic age (even before that) knew the greatness of Sesame oil. Sesame is known as til or ellu in various local languages in India. The popular belief in Hinduism is that the sweat that fell from the Kurma Avatar of Lord Vishnu got converted into Sesame seeds. Sesame is an essential part of all dead related rituals in Hindu religion. Hindu Puranas connect a particular food item with a deity in Hindu pantheon when its nutritional and health values are indispensable. It is another way of saying that Sesame is divine food. This method is thousand times better than sitting and explaining each and every goodness of a particular food. Sesame seeds have been used by Hindus from time immemorial. Sesame was culti

Vyasana In Hinduism

Vyasana in Hinduism are habits not in conformity with right action or dharma. Vyasanas include gambling, antisocial actions and addiction to drugs, tobacco and other harmful things. According to Manusmriti, vyasana are produced by passion and anger. There are then vyanas produced by passion: hunting, gambling, sleeping in day time, blaming others, sexual indulgence , intoxication, singing without restraint, dancing, unrestrained playing for music and roaming aimlessly. The vyasanas produced by anger are back biting, violence, plotting to hurt, envy, jealousy, extravagance, and abusive language. Greed is considered a root cause of the vayasanas. Shuka Acharya declared that the three main vyasanas of a king are gambling, mixing with women and excessive tax.

Story - Krishna And The Snake Swallowing Nanda Gopa

Nanda, or Nandagopa, was the foster father of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. There is an incident mentioned in the Puranas in which Nanda Gopa is rescued by Sri Krishna from the mouth of a snake. One day the Gopas headed by their chief Nanda performed Maheswara Puja in a nearby forest. They then decided to spend the night on the banks of Kalindi River. They were singing bhajans and keeping vigil. Suddenly a python emerged from the forest and began swallowing Nandagopa. The python started swallowing Nanda by the foot. The Gopas tried hard to loosen the grip of python on Nandagopa. However, they could not. Bhagavan Sri Krishna reached the spot and gave the python a kick. It suddenly transformed into a deva, celestial being. The Deva was known as Sudarshana. He was converted into a python due to a curse by Sage Angiras. The Deva (demigod) had disturbed the Tapas of Sage Angiras and therefore he was cursed. The sage had told the deva that he will be relieved of the curse the day