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Seeing Money In Dream Meaning - Dreaming Of Money Paper - Notes - Coins

Seeing money, especially money flying or showering on the person, in dream is very common. Dreaming of money notes - coins is positive as per dream interpretation and meaning. Dreaming of paper money means you will have luck in games and lottery. Seeing wealth is also mentioned in Hindu texts that analyses and study dreams and pronounces its interpretation. Seeing money in dream means you will get costly gifts and there will be lot of activities in financial matters in near future. As per interpretation, such dreams suggest that the person will be getting a large chunk of money. It is an indication of new job or decision regarding ancestral wealth. Money floating in water is considered negative as it means wealth will be stolen or lost. Seeing coins thrown at you in dream is an indication of enemies using wealth to cause physical damage to you. Frantically searching for money in dream is an indication of unexpected expenditure in near future. Energy Exchange: Some

Story - Marriage Of Ahalya Of Ramayana

We are aware of the curse on Ahalya and how Bhagavan Sri Ram gave her moksha. The events that led to the curse began with the marriage of Ahalya. Ahalya was created by Lord Brahma. She was extremely beautiful and without any blemish. Brahma wondered to whom Ahalya should be given away as a bride. The story of Sage Gautama and Indra competing to marry Ahalya begins at this juncture. Both Indra and Sage Gautama wanted to marry the heavenly beauty. Both were not ready to sacrifice. Brahma then declared that he who went around the earth first would be the winner. Indra started on his Airavata (white elephant). But the wise and intelligent Gautama circumambulated a cow that was giving birth to a calf. According to scriptures, he had accomplished the task of going around the world in less than minute. Indra soon completed the task but realized that Sage Gautama had won the hand of Ahalya in marriage by beating him in the race. Indra kept the grouse and later he cheat

Lakshmi Dwadasha Stotra Lyrics In Kannada

Lakshmi Dwadasha Stotra is the 108 names of Goddess Lakshmi. The prayer is chanted for peace and prosperity and for overcoming all kinds of financial problems. The most important benefit of chanting the Lakshmi Dwadasha Stotra is that it helps solving money related matters quickly. The stotram in Kannada in pdf format is given below. The text or lyrics of Lakshmi Dwadasha Stotra in Tamil language is provided by Sunder Kidambi of prapatti. Link – Lakshmi Dwadasha Stotra Lyrics In Kannada

Our Actions Have Wide Ranging Consequences – Story Of Karna And Milk Dropped On Earth

There is an interesting story in Telugu folklore which attempts to give reason to Karna getting killed in the Kurukshetra battlefield. The story symbolically suggests that our each of our actions have wide ranging consequences. The story is based on a little girl dropping milk on earth and Karna squeezing it out of earth. This angers earth who takes revenge on Karna. One day Karna was traveling on his chariot through a village. A little girl who was drinking milk from pot was startled by the noise of the chariot and she dropped the pot of milk. The pot broke and the milk was immediately soaked up by earth. Karna witnessed this whole event and decided to help the crying girl. He took the moist earth in his hand and squeezed out the milk to a fresh pot. The girl was happy and the people who saw the incident praised the great warrior Karna. Karna too was happy that he helped the child and basked in the praised showered by the people. He was proud that people realized he wa

True Beauty - Story Based On Womanizer And Intelligent Girl

A story which explains what is true beauty. Long ago, there lived a king who was a slave of his senses. He became infamous as a womanizer. One day during his routine expedition through his kingdom, he happened to see a beautiful girl. The king was attracted to the girl and wanted to possess her. The king sent a word to the father of the girl asking her to be brought to the palace immediately. An agonized father informed his daughter about the order of the king. The girl was very clever, she told her father to tell the King that she needs one week’s time. He should give her two golden pots immediately. And after one week the king should send palanquins to pick her up. The king agreed to the condition. From that day, the girl only drank castor oil and salt water. Soon she started having loose motions and vomiting. She filled her motion and vomit in the golden pots. After one week, she became weak and was like a skeleton. The palanquins arrived after a week