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Ekadasi Prayers in Gujarati – Download Ekadasi Jagran Prayers in Pdf in Gujarati

Those that keep Ekadasi fast do not seep during the night. This is known as Jagran. Prayers dedicated to Vishnu are chanted by those people who observe the all night vigil. Ekadasi Jagran Prayers in Gujarati in pdf is provided by the Bhuj Mandir. You can download it for free. The Ekadasi Jagran is strictly followed by many Hindu devotees. But today majority of the people skip the all night vigil due to various reasons. But those people also can chant the prayers during the evening or morning prayers. You can download Ekadasi Jagran Prayers in Gujarati in pdf here.

Hindu History of Gwalior

Gwalior is named after a saint known as Gwalipa who cured a chieftain of the region (Suraj Sen) of leprosy. The known Hindu history of Gwalior begins with this incident. Hindus were living in the region for thousands of years before this incident. It is believed that the region was occupied by cowherds and the name of an ancient nearby place is Gopalakhetaka. Hiuen Tsiang who visited India between AD 627-643 mention of Maheshwarapura in the context of Gwalior and thereby gives the idea that the place was famous for the worship of Hindu God Shiva. Gwalior was ruled by the Huna Chief Toramana and his son Mihiragula during the 6th Century. Gwalior became a place of pilgrimage when Mihiragula constructed a Surya Mandir – Sun Temple. The place was then ruled by numerous Hindu kings including Gurjara-Pratihara King Bhoja of Kannauj in the 9th century AD. In 1210 AD, the Rajputs captured Gwalior back from barbarian invader Kutubuddin. The Tanwar Class of Rajputs recovered i

Koothambalam In Kerala Temples

Koothambalam is the theater structure found in some temples in Kerala. Koothambalam is the Malayalam term for natyamandapam (a dance hall) and consists of two words, kuttu (dance and drama) and ambalam (temple). Koothambalam refers specifically to the specially built structures of certain kinds of dance like Koodiyattam, staged within the temple precincts. In the Koodiyattam dance tradition, the staging of select scenes from Sanskrit plays by the Chakyars and Nangyar has a history of at least a thousand years. The Koothambalam that still exist are no more than 300 years old; some of these are in Thrissur, Irinjalakuda and Tripunithura. Koothambalam Plan The Koothambalam is generally located in front of the shrine and to its right. The size of each varies, but the structure follows a set pattern. The roof in an enormous, four-sided structure, rectangular and sloping steeply downwards. It is supported on beams resting on rows of pillars. The outer roof is generally co

How Can I Stop Taking Things Personally?

You start to take things personally when your ego is hurt. When things do not go in the way you want it to happen, you take it personally. This can result in emotional and relationship issues. So, how can I stop taking things personally? The false ego that you have inflated is constantly bothered about what other people think about you. You should stop caring what other people think about you. You should not give value to the personal opinions of strangers and acquaintances. You should give more importance to what you think about yourself. An honest evaluation of oneself is more important than random comments and opinion of strangers. Know who you are and always be what you are. Know your self-worth. Develop self-confidence and be confident of what you are. This will help you personally and professionally. But when you keep changing as per the needs of the crowd you will run into trouble. Then you are not yourself but you are a puppet in the hands of other people. Major