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Previous Birth Of Sage Narada - Story

The previous birth of Sage Narada happened during the previous cycle of creation. As per stories in Puranas, Sage Narada is present in all the four Yugas of this kalpa. During one Kalpa (a day of Brahma), there lived a handsome Gandharva with a melodious voice. Once he was in an inebriated state and entered the assembly of Devas who were performing rituals. Instead of singing glories of God he sang amorous songs detailing the beauty of celestial women and lovemaking. The angry Devas cursed him to be born on earth. This was at the fag end of a Kalpa and it was Kali Yuga on earth. On earth, he was born in the house of a servant. When the boy was five years old, a group of saints came to his town. He got the opportunity to be with them. This close association with the sages at the young age developed in him devotion for God. From that day, he roamed around singing the glories of God. Later he sat in meditation and did intense penance. Pleased with his devotion, Lord Vishn

Rukmi Story In Mahabharata - Warrior No One Wanted

Story of Rukmi is found in the Mahabharata and it is the story of a warrior who could not fight in the greatest war of his time. Rukmi was the son of Bhishmaka, King of Vidarbha, and brother of Rukmini (wife of Krishna). He performed intense austerities and attained Brahmastra (powerful arrow) from Parashurama and other Divyastras from Sage Druma. However, Rukmi was rude and arrogant and even his father could not control him. Rukmi wanted Rukmini to marry Shishupala, king of Chedi. But Rukmini was in love with Krishna. Sri Krishna carried her away from temple on the day of her marriage. Rukmi and his army chased Krishna but were defeated. Feeling utterly humiliated, Rukmi did not return to Kundinapura, the capital of Vidarbha. He founded a new township named Bhojakata and it later became the capital of Vidarbha. Rukmi then did intense penance and pleased Shiva who blessed him with Mahendra weapon. With this weapon, he expanded his kingdom. His relationship with Sri

Defeat The Tricks Of Mind To Succeed In Spiritual Endeavor

We have to understand what happens during any form of meditation. While meditating, the mediator tries to bring one’s mind and thoughts under control. There is an effort to streamline the process of thinking and then to regulate the thoughts or flow of ideas. This is done in many ways but the whole exercise is meant to bring some discipline to the mind. But the mind is responsible for almost all the actions we perform and excepting the rarest breed of people who have completely mastered their minds, the mind dictates what to do and what not to do, all the time. So, when the mind sees that discipline is being enforced upon it, it very strategically diverts the attention of the meditator to something else.   Our mind plays tricks on us and tries to divert our attention to things that take us away from our pursuit of controlling or disciplining the mind.   The mind plays tricks on us to protect itself whenever we try to discipline it or try to kill it by annihilating all thoughts, in