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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16 Teachings

The teachings from the Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16. Fearlessness, purity of heart, steadfastness in the Yoga of Knowledge, charity, control of senses, sacrifice, study of the Shastras and straightforwardness…. Harmlessness, truth, absence of anger, renunciation, peacefulness, absence of crookedness, compassion to beings, non-covetousness, gentleness, modesty, absence of fickle mindedness Vigor, forgiveness, fortitude, purity, absence of hatred, absence of pride – these are the qualities that one should possess to become perfect. Ostentation, pride, self-conceit, wrath, insolence and ignorance are O Partha! the wealth of one born to Devilish nature. Divine wealth is for deliverance, for bonadge the devilish, so it is deemed, grieve not, O Pandava, born art thou to wealth of divine. In this world are two orders of created beings - the divine and the devilish. The devilish people know not action or inaction; neither purity not even good manners, nor truth is found in th