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Four Female Companions of Goddess Lakshmi

As per Lakshmi Tantra, Goddess Lakshmi has four female companions. They are Riddhi, Vriddhi, Samriddhi and Vibhuti. All four companions have two arms. They are beautiful and have the color of the inside of a lotus. In their hands they carry branch of a wood apple tree and a fly –whisk. The four companions are seated in lotus posture and they gaze at the face of Goddess Lakshmi. The Bija Mantra associated with Riddhi is Om Rim Tam Riddyai Swaha The mantra associated with Vriddhi is Om Vrm Tam Vriddhayai Swaha. The mantra associated with Samriddhi is Om Sim Tam Samriddhyai Swaha. The mantra associated with Vibhuti is Om Vim Tam Vibhutyai Swaha.

In Discovering The Inner Freedom Lies Our True Manliness

Self-discipline is the way to overcome the compelling force of the senses and their impressions. This man is strong in body, but weak in mind. He can lift a stone weighing 1000 kgs, but cannot bear the weight of a single unpleasant word. Sculpture At Ramappa Temple - Warangal - Telangana Blaming others or fate or God for our actions and circumstances in life is a sign of weakness and slavery. Restraining our senses, disciplining our thoughts, sublimating our emotions and expanding our ego to embrace the whole world are essential steps in the path to freedom. To be free from all forms of misery, we should take full responsibility for our lives. When we accept the fact that we are the makers of our own destiny, we shall rise to our highest and best and our character will be transformed. Self-faith and self-dependence will awaken our inner divinity, our true nature. In discovering the inner freedom lies our true manliness. Vedanta Kesari August 2017 issue