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Simple life means wedding the essential and divorcing the non-essential

A simple life means wedding the essential and divorcing all the non-essential in life. When we decide to marry simple life, we are parting with chaos. We have zeroed in on what is important to us in life. We have decided to be with people we love and do things that we love and make us happy. Definition of a simple life varies from person to person. What is clutter and what is of value is different for different person. The definition of simplifying life is easy. It means to accept only what is important and eliminate the rest. But becoming simple is not as easy as the definition. Learning to say no to oneself and to others is an important task when we want to adopt a simple life. This is very crucial. Avoid unwanted communication. Stop interfering in other people’s life. Avoid listening to each and everything. Limit all forms of media to the essential. Instead of buying new things recycle and make use of what you have already invested in. Decide to do what you love and to sp