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Kumbh Rashi 2018 Predictions – How will be year 2018 for Kumbha Rashi? - Kumbh Rashi Bhavishya 2018

Kumbh Rashi born people will have a fairly good year and area of concern in 2018 is health. March, July, September, November and December are good months for Kumbha Rashi. January, April, June and August are bad months as per Kumbh Rashi Bhavishya 2018. February, May and October will be stagnant or both good and bad. Kumbh Rashi 2018 predictions are based on moon sign followed in Hindu astrology and horoscope. Kumbh Rashi Career - Job - Business 2018 The year might start on a tough note for some but things will improve by the middle part of the year.It is good time to change job or quit for those who have been facing some tough situations.Your weaknesses will be exposed and this might cause career trouble.Work on your strengths and do not hesitate to expose those who have been stealing and thriving on your ideas and help.Relationship with boss, or management or seniors might not be peaceful and cordial.Prejudice, anger and superstition will do harm in this year.Those just out of studi…

Uttarabhadra Nakshatra 2018 predictions – Uthrattathi Nakshatram Phalam - Uthirattathi Natchathiram Palangal 2018

Uttarabhadra Nakshatra born people will have a positive year in 2018. As per Uthirattathi Natchathiram Palangal, you need to show flexibility. Take good care of your health. Uttarabhadra Nakshatra 2018 predictions (Uthrattathi Nakshatram Phalam) based on birth star is given below.
February, May, June, August, and October are good months. July, November, and December are bad months. January, March, April, and September will be both bad and good.  Uttarabhadrapada Nakshatra is the 26th birth star among 27 Nakshatras in Hindu astrology or Jyothish Shastra. Uttara Bhadra is in Meena Rashi according to Hindu moon astrology, panchang, and traditional calendar. Uttarabhadra Nakshatra Career - Job - Business 2018 Those looking for a new job will find it difficult, as you are not flexible and not ready to accept those that are beyond your status.Your bad actions and bad behavior will cause serious problems in career this year.Temptation to take bribe or gifts or other such enticements will caus…

How Navgraha Budh Got His Name? – Story of the Name of Budh Graha

Budh is the son of Sage Brihaspati and Tara. But he was fathered by Chandra, the Hindu Moon God. Here is the story as to how Budh Graha got his name.

Sage Brihaspati was the Guru of the Devas and he was only interested in rituals and studies. The Sage never showed any interest in Tara. A disillusioned Tara soon fell in love with Chandra and abandoned her husband.

Indra, the king of Devas, once decided to conduct a yajna to get stronger to face the Asuras or demons.

Sage Brihaspati used this as an opportunity and said that he can only perform the yajna with his wife by his side.

The Devas were divided on the issue. Some saw no reason in Tara returning to a husband who only needed her for rituals. They argued that Tara should remain with Chandra, who valued her as a living being.

But the Devas could not stop the yajna, so Indra decided that Tara should return to Brishaspati. Tara returned reluctantly and the yajna was completed successfully.

But soon it was discovered that Tara was pre…

Sani Peyarchi 2017 Date and Time – Transition of Shani or Saturn as per Tamil Astrology - Shani Peyarachi 2017 to 2020

Sani Peyarchi or transition of Saturn is the movement of Shani from one ‘rasi’ or zodiac to another. Shani is also referred as Shanaiscarya, Shaneesvara and Shani Deva and is the son of Lord Surya and Chhaya. Shani Peyarchi 2017 is on December 19. In 2017, Shani transits from Vrischika Rashi (Scorpio) to Dhanu (Sagittarius) on December 19 (Indian Standard Time) at 10:01 AM. Lord Shani will remain there for next two and half years till 2020.

If you are a believer in Hindu Astrology, then this transition is bound to have some impact on your fortunes. The effect is mainly on people born on certain ‘rasis’ or zodiacs. To know the effects of the transition of Shani the ideal method will be to consult a learned astrologer.
During Shani Peyarchi, people in large numbers visit Lord Shani shrines especially in Tamil Nadu. Special poojas are conducted on the day at the Lord Shani Dharbaranyeswarar temple in Tirunallar near Karaikal in Pondicherry. Other important temples of Lord Shani are the …

Itihasa in Hindu Religion

Itihasa in Hindu religion is an important concept. The two epics – Mahabharata and Ramayana – are part of Itihasa scriptures in Hinduism. It falls under the Smriti group of texts.
They narrate incidents that is said to have actually happened.
Puranas are not considered as Itihasas.
Itihasa means ‘so it happened.’
The two epics are thus records of contemporary history.
Mahabharata written by Sage Vyasa and Ramayana written by Sage Valmiki thus contains incidents, which really happened. The dates can be traced. Place mentioned in the two epics exist. Lunar and Solar eclipses mentioned in the Itihasa are accurate.

Makar Rashi 2018 Predictions – How will be year 2018 for Makara Rashi?

Makar Rashi born people, if not careful, will cause their own downfall in 2018. January, March, May, August and December are good months for Makara Rashi in 2018. February, April, June and September are bad months. July, October and November will be stagnant or both good and bad. Makar Rashi 2018 predictions are based on moon sign followed in Hindu astrology and horoscope. Makar Rashi Career - Job - Business 2018 Your Karma will catch up with you this year. Your hard work, determination and intelligence will be rewarded. And those who had used short cuts and had stamped on other people to rise up will face serious problems.It will not easy to get a job after quitting one at least in this year. So be careful before leaving jobs.Freelancers and self-employed will face initial problems but you will see change in fortune as the year progresses.Those looking for a job after college and studies will have to face some serious disappointments and bad luck.You need to give special attention to…

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7 Verse 23

The fruit acquired by these men of little understanding is limited. The worshippers of the devas (’bright ones’) go to the devas, but my devotees come unto Me. (Gita Chapter 7 Verse 23)

Those who worship specific deities for desire fulfillment will get what they want, but they are deluded people. They do not know how to desire the highest.   They are satisfied with small things when they could as well have the best.

They are like the child that prefers five shining pennies to one gold piece. Such people are after limited desires, perishable things. They are happy with wealth or name or success, but not freedom. Had they directed the same devotion towards Me (Sri Krishna), they would have attained the highest, eternal and universal Bliss. But they are satisfied with the little, perishable things.

And when they pass out of this world, they will not be free, but will go to the god they worshipped during their lifetime. They will go to his heaven, the heaven of their ishta. There they …

Hindu Calendar – December 8, 2017 – Tithi, Vrat, Good - Auspicious Time, Nakshatra, Rashi and Festivals

Tithi in Hindu Calendar on Friday, December 8, 2017 – Krishna Paksha Panchami Tithi or the fifth day during the waxing phase of moon inHindu calendar and Panchang in most regions. It is Krishna Paksha Panchami Tithi or the fifth day during the waxing phase of moon till 10:49 AM on December 8. Then onward it is Krishna Paksha Sashti Tithi or the sixth day during the waxing phase of moon till 8:56 AM on December 9. All time based on India Standard Time.
How is December 8, 2017, as per Hindu Panchang? – It is not a good day. Nakshatra – Pushya or Poosam or Pooyam Nakshatra till 1:57 AM on December 8. Then onward it is Aslesha or Ayiliyam Nakshatram till 12:39 AM on December 9.
In western parts of India (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa and south Rajasthan), Aslesha or Ayiliyam Nakshatra till 6:28 PM on December 8. Then onward it is Magha or Makam Nakshatra till 5:41 PM on December 9.
Rashi or Moon Sign – Karka Rashi till 12:39 AM on December 9.
In western parts of India (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa…