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Shami Patra as Offering to Ganesha

Shami Patra is the leaf of Shami tree ( Indian Mesoquite) and is a holy tree in Hinduism and it is considered highly auspicious. Shami patra is also offered to Ganesha. It is offered in some regions during Ganapati Visarjan. The leaf used during visarjan, or immersion, puja is taken out and kept in puja room. The popular belief is that keeping Shami Patra that was offered to Ganesha at home help in increase of wealth. Shami tree is known as Jammi chettu in Telugu Jund in Punjabi Samadi in Gujarati Vanni or kalisam in Tamil Parampu or Thavi Vanni in Malayalam Khejri in Rajasthani Kandi in Sindh It is popularly known as Shami in North India and Maharashtra. The plant is now sold by many nurseries, as there is a belief that having the tree in the compound keeps out negative energy and acts a protection to the house. Special Shami Puja is performed on Dasara – Vijaya Dasami day.