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Like Our Body, The Mind Also Needs Regular Cleansing

Like our body, the mind also needs regular cleansing. Our mind gets dirty as it constantly moves through happiness, sadness, anger, frustration and many other positive and negative emotions. If the mind is not regularly cleansed, it becomes dirty and it begins to stink. The stink comes out in the form of anger, depression, and frustration. It spoils relationships, family, and life. Contemplation, long walks, cycling, meditation, bhajans, and prayers are good cleansers of the mind. Jambukeswarar Temple, Thiruvanaikaval - Tamil Nadu Discrimination and the supreme truth that ‘I am pure consciousness’ should be used to fight jealousy, hatred, unwanted desires, ego, and anger. The mind is swayed by guilt. The feeling of guilt pulls us down. We get angry and frustrated when this happens. Emotions then overpower the mind and we do things, which we normally would not even think of doing. Firstly, we need to realize that we are not perfect, as we have not achieved self-realizat